New Cycle.......Opinions please!!!

Gene O'Tropin

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Hey all. I'm new here but not new to AS. I'm a longtime member of another popular board. Anyway, I will give you my list of groceries on hand and tell me how you think I should run it.

20 cc Test Enanthate 200mg
20 cc Winstrol 50mg
10 cc Deca 300mg
10 cc Eq 250mg

I have clomid on hand.
I also have 10cc of Teston 200mg on hand but didn't plan on using it.

Target end date is June 16.
Stats and info.
37 years old
185 lbs
currently 10% bf and usually get down to 4 or 5% after this spring diet/cycle.
This is my 4th cycle.

Here is what I was thinking.

200mg Enanthate every 4 days throughout from April 1 thru June 16.

250mg Equipoise every week, weeks 1 thru 10 starting April 1. This would end the EQ at June 9th which I'm not sure is good.

50mg Winstrol Every Day for last 20 days. May 27 thru June 15.

300mg Deca every week from April 1 thru June 9. Although this is mostly to lube joints, I'd like to get something out of this also so tell me if I should up the mg and shorten the time.

The only thing that concerns me is the EQ. I know it is a longer based ester and I'm not sure if I should drag it out so close to the end of the cycle. Should I up the mg per week and shorten the time and keep it at the beginning?

Also, should I up the mg per week of the Deca and shorten the time and move it more to the end?

Previous cycles have been mostly Test and Winstrol (winny) or Test/Winny/EQ with very good results. I've never used high dosages and this would be the most AS I have used in a single cycle.

Thanks for all replies.
1-10 400mg Test
1-10 400mg EQ
7-13 Winny

I would pick either Deca or EQ and get more of it. My personal choice EQ.