New CYCLE or NEW CAR?????


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So, should I get my next cycle? Or spend the money on getting a car? Decisions....decisions......
I figured who better to ask then the good people of this board.
What kind of car??

LOL..didn't think anyone would ask that.

I dunno looking at a few. I want this Denali I found, it is beautiful. I am just stuck in the middle I don't know what to do. I have a car now, so it isn't like I am without. I have had it for to long, I am tired of it. I want something bigger. I am so lost.
Well, I say car!! Denalis are sweat!!

Put the money down and get the SUV. Save a few hundred in the next month and do 2-3cc's of QV enanthate for 8-10 weeks...Cheap and effective!
AWWWWW weren't suppose to say car.
My thing is a car is just a car, but this is a lifestyle. I just came into some a little money, and being a student (which sucks), money isn't something that comes easy. So either put a down payment down, and then work to make payments. Or get my shit, and gain gain gain, without making payments. I have taxes coming back soon, so I will get some money then.
I was just planning on getting at least 3 or 4 cycles of test, and a bunch of EQ, and just store it. But I saw that car the other day and fell in love. But I would also fall in love with my test and EQ. God this sucks.
I got a job, but I would have to bust my ass at work a lot. Or I could just take it easy and eat and grow. These 2 are total opposites.
man just think how that new suv would look BUT think of how much sweeter it would look with someone with 22 inch pythons hanging out of the window
This is a funny thread......go with the Cycle, but if u really need a car then get the car ha ha!!!This is too funny
Well if money is the issue maybe you should invest the cash or save it and buy a car a cycle and maybe some other toys down the road when you are a little more finacially stable.

Oh.... screw it get the cycle.
either, thats a cheap car, or thats an expensive ass cycle you want to do. hhmm, since its not a cheap car, im thinking the cycle you planning would cost a pretty penny