New guy, and help with comp. cycle!


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Alright guys, I'm going to do my first 2 competitions in June of 2003. The first is June 15th, a local show in my town. Then 2nd is June 22nd, and it's the Southeastern Gold's Classic, a national qualifier. Hopefully, I will peak decently at ONE of the contests As you most all know, I just finished clomid/nolva for my post-cycle regime after being on 6 months. However, I want to get started competiting NOW, so I'll know whether or not it's worth it to continue getting as big as I feel I can. So, here's my basic plan. It's going to be a little over 4 months, closer to 5 months, but if I do this, I'll probably go off for 4 months at least afterwards. So here it is basically.
Feb- 750sust/400 npp/50mg drol , first two months bulking
March- test/npp same, no drol
April - Test/400 eq, begin cutting
may- 100prop/day/75fina/day, 400 eq
June- Same as may, but add in Winstrol (winny) at 30mg/day till competition.
Adex .5mg/ed all the way through post-cycle.

I have DNP, Hubei chinese 40mcg clen, T3, and otc fatburners like Adrenalin, etc. I've gotten to 7.5% before, hope to compete at no more than 6% this first time out. I will use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) like Chicken said periodically throughout this cycle, either every 4-6 weeks, or 500iu's every sat. and sunday throughout.

So, please tear it apart, advise, flame, add, subtract... help me out guys, especially towards the end, with diuretics and carb-loading and shit like that! Any and all help MUCH appreciated!!

P.S. My current stats are as follows. 21yrs old, 5'4", 185lbs, 10%bf. This would be my 5th cycle. Looking to break 200, then cut to a solid 175 or so, kill the middleweight class :)
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good luck.......I have seen those that can grow and cut with minimal properties and those that need to load the wagon so to speak to achieve the same results with pretty much the same diet and training regimen.....remember first and foremost that it is an art and not a science
Bump for the evening guys! I know Bouncer and a few others are big competitors, you guys come out and give me some good advice!! Or ELSE!! Heh heh... :) I may switch the prop out for suspension closer to the contest, is that a good idea? I have plenty of oil-based prop and suspension, both painless!