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Hello to all you good members. I've browsed the board for a few days before joining so I'm somewhat familiar with protocol but still new so forgive me any errors if I make them. I've been out of the game for about a dozen years but found myself invited for a workout about 6 weeks ago and am freshly bitten by the bug again and haven't been this excited about iron since I discoverd it in grade 10. So much has changed since I was last involved espescially with the easy exchange of info available with the internet that it seems the knowledge and the science that was then in the hands of the few, has been put into the hands of the many. All we had were the muscle mags and a few underground type manuals on gear, and now here it is available to anyone at the touch of a key. Not just rambling here, I'll be getting to a point. Lol. So, to say the least alot has changed, including training methods no doubt, and not being one to waste time about a thing would apreciate any direction, in the form of links, articles, whatever that would help me formulate a plan of attack on a new training program. When I first started training, it was right out of Arnolds book "Education of a bodybuilder" (incidentally it was new then, which gives you an idea of how far back I started) which advocated 20 sets/bodypart which worked for a while and then had me seriously overtrained. Then I went to Mentzers "heavy duty" which was quite a bit better, and when I last trained it was a bit after the end of Dorians Olympic reign, and I trained along the lines he suggested which was a bit of a takeoff on Mentzers 'heavy duty' ideas. My best was 225 lbs at 5' 10" with 19" arms at around 10% bf. best bench 365x3 since very heavy singles hurt my shoulders. I left the iron when I developed an obsesion for training muay thai, and later bjj and nhb but stopped that a year and a half ago and I haven't done a thing till now so I'm now a slack 185lbs but fortunately now that the soreness is gone the gains are coming back quite fast. So, like I said, anyone who can help point me in the right direction to help update my training methods a dozen or so years, via links, aritcles, coresponance, however it's much apreciated. I'm not much interested in doing any gear at this point, and wouldn't think of it for about a year or so since musclememory/gains should come hot and heavy for most of a year, but I have been reading about it on the boards, and I have in the past done it. Curious about some abreviations I couldn't figure out if someone could fill me in. Var, and Tren. I think Var might be anavar if that's still around, but Tren? not a clue what that is, and when I click on the word it leads to a page that adverts some kind of syringe filter thingy. Just curious.

Well, sorry for the long post. I just wanted to let people know a bit about me. Look forward to getting to know some of you, and thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.. zigzag.
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You don't know what tren is? Your in for a lot of fun buddy! LOL!

Welcome back though, you can never fully lose the iron bug.

Here's some stuff:

This is tren, many people are raving fans, if you can handle the sides:

Any other steroid/supplement your interested in: