New to the forum and seeking help about TRT side effects.

I am glad you are doing well with the Gel JOJO, however, you are not going to get a lot of support on here as most agree, shots work better. To each his own though. Testosterone is testosterone , depending on the dosage will determine the aromatizing affect on E2.
It's only my own experience that it will give me a true different result. He should konow, ther is an alternative to try out. :)
I cannot believe how hard you are making this on yourself!

I think you problem has a simple answer, you say for the first couple of weeks is great but then you start feeling like pure crap, sounds TRT is working to me. That's because it takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks for your pituitary gland to sense that there's plenty of testosterone circulating in your blood and in response your pituitary gland shuts down which is exactly what should happen. Then you go off TRT for awhile and your pituitary recovers and then you go on TRT again and weeks later your pituitary shuts down yet again and the cycle starts all over again. When you slow and stop the TRT, now your testosterone levels are zero all while your pituitary gland is still shutdown killing your libido, now you're waiting for your pituitary gland to come back online. You must wait for the medicine to work and your body to adjust to the new hormone levels, I can't believe nobody has mentioned this yet. I hear stories like this every single day, guys wondering what the hell is going on, why did TRT stop working. I seriously doubt it's high E2 at only 100 mg weekly, I'm on 100 mg weekly (25 mg EOD) and have never experienced high E2 symptoms, I've only heard of guys talk about it. I've been on TRT for 8 months and my muscles started getting noticeably harder at the 6 months in and erections also started around the same time and are still improving, erections are still hit and miss sometimes but are always getting better especially recently. You can't just improve your hormone landscape and expect immediately sky high libido and full on erections, did you think you were injecting heroin where an instant high is guaranteed?

You want to know how to get yourself feeling normal again, get your hormones within range and keep them there, then wait MONTHS and you'll start noticing improvements. When you do exactly this and months later you start feel great, you're going look back at this thread and start laughing while shaking your head! Your doctor is a freaking moron, whenever I hear, "it's all in your head" statement I can't help but think what a lazy bastard. That's a copout answer that really means, "I'm too lazy to figure it out".

I like this ^^^ but personally would add that 100mg will drive estrogen up in some people.....espevially If it is one shot per week. 100mg in one shot per week makes mine go just a touch high, if I split it up this wouldn't happen. The more test that hits your system at once, the more gets converted to estrogen. Most guys need very little anastrozole on a real trt dose....especially split, but most need it sometimes if they do a shot a week or have a very high trt dose (200mg/week)
@casanovaaa: What do you mean with adverse effect on liver? You will give the pure Testo to your body (through the skin directly into the bloodstream), without any ester and the liver and kidneys are not influenced with it and so there you should never have a problem in this direction.

But, any people can't assimilate the testo through the skin, but not many...
The most can and for TRT I find it a very good thing and it's working incredible.

But, not this ugly low percentage gel sachets... it's ugly to smear so much.
But the higher potent gels are super! :D ... love it!

Have test around with injections and also subcutane injections (so far ok), but have had every time a big E2 problem.
I'll post a thread after more time to test the gel and write my experience then. :)
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