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Hi guys,

I am looking for some help and advice.

I am 44, 158 lbs

My levels have been consistently below average, but not by much. My specialist here in Canada specializes in TRT but the problem is that I can’t get an answer or response from him on a couple of issues that really bother me, which has caused me to start and stop TRT many times over the past two years.

I have been prescribed 100 mg/week to bring me back to my normal range and frankly after a coupld of weeks I feel absolutely incredible. No fatigue, no feeling low, confidence is great – I just feel really good.

My problem is that after about week I don’t have morning wood, lose interest in sex, and my temper flares out of control. Doc says it’s all in my head and that none of it has to do with the TRT.

How would you approach this issue? Is this because estrogen levels are going up?

Also, when I slow and stop the TRT – I seemed to have killed my sex drive.

Unfortunately I don’t know off hand what my levels are now, I am waiting for results.

I am just sick of not getting answers from the doc and not sure where else to turn. I would appreciate if someone could give me some advice, or let me know if I should be taking an estrogen blocker with the TRT? If so, what and how much?
Estrogen is huge. To low or to high and you have issues.

A standard recommendation is about 150-200mg week test. Split that in 1/2 and do 2 injections per week. 75-100mg Monday morning and one Thursday evening.

Estrogen is huge. An aromatase inhibitor almost ALWAYS goes with TRT. To low or high estrogen and you will get problems. Mood, erections and libido, fat changes, aches, acne.

Also human chronic gonadotropin/hCG to keep your balls from shrinking.

"Specializes in TRT" . . . . Maybe specializes in testosterone prescriptions! Estrogen management is as important as testoserone injections. I went from a moody irritated asshole with low T and high estrogen. I am calmer, more patient, more confident and have a sex drive and erections and my estrogen is still a little high based on nipple soreness.

Getting the blood levels will show everything and also give you a number to point at and say "my estrogen is at the top/above range".
If you are on TRT and Not using an AI.
I'd be Pissed at your Doctor.

He should be doing Bloodwork to check all Hormone Levels, but especially Estradiol.

Got the Exact same Problem on another Forum.
Doctor has this Guy on 200 Mg a week of Test C for his TRT.
No AI, then when Estradiol comes back at over 100 (done by LC/MS or Sensitive Estradiol).

Doctor tells his Patient to STOP everything.
But still doesn't address his Sky-High Estradiol.
And supposed to be a TRT specialist also................................. JP
Some Doctors either Don't or Won't take the time to Educate themselves !
I'm with these guys, sounds like high E2. Kind of hard to believe on only 100 mg/wk, but could also be due to your shot frequency. If you are not splitting up your dosages in 2x per week then you are sending yourself on a roller coast from high to low - and your E2 will also be all over the place.

So if you want to stay with your doc get some blood testing. Get your shot frequency to 2x per week. If you can, then raise your dose of test to 150 mg/wk and take 0.25 mg E3.5D arimidex.

Get your blood work done. You can not figure out things by how you feel;. Lab results do not lie. I doubt your E2 is high at 100mg per week , but you never know. This is why labs are important.
Need labs. I use 100mg cypionate per week and 1/4mg anastrozole. Blood work seems to indicate this works for me. Everyone is different. Keep an eye on labs and add anastrozole if E2 is high. Talk it over with your doc. The doc should be as concerned with your estrogen as they are with your testosterone
Thanks so much guys. Is the arimidex @.25 with every shot or .25 a week? Also, silly question, but is it prescribed? If he won***8217;t prescribe it, what should I do?
Thanks so much guys. Is the arimidex @.25 with every shot or .25 a week? Also, silly question, but is it prescribed? If he won***8217;t prescribe it, what should I do?

Personally, mine is prescribed higher but I dropped the dose to .25mg on my own and my bloodwork seems to indicate this is plenty. That's .25mg once per week
Silly question but is the AI a prescribed drug, as is the TRT? Or can I buy this at a health / pharmacy?

TRT and the AI (anastrozole) are both prescribed. If my doc gave me testosterone and no AI then I'd most likely order it myself if I couldn't find a Dr to prescribe. That's me though. Check your estrogen level and go from there. Most of the time some anatrozole or other AI is needed with trt, at least some of the time. And again......yes, both the testosterone and the anastrozole can be prescribed by your doctor and purchased at the pharmacy with prescription. Good luck
Interesting that you say your doc specializes in TRT, but doesn't test for estrogen, doesn't use AI's, no HCG. What shot frequency does this guy recommend?
100mg once a week. Ideally I’d like it twice a week but he won’t prescribe arimidex. I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do, but I have to stop the trt at 4 months normally because I get so moody. Then I can’t grt it up. Start all over again and feel like a million bucks. I’ve dont this 3 times now.
100mg once a week. Ideally I***8217;d like it twice a week but he won***8217;t prescribe arimidex. I***8217;m stuck. I don***8217;t know what to do, but I have to stop the trt at 4 months normally because I get so moody. Then I can***8217;t grt it up. Start all over again and feel like a million bucks. I***8217;ve dont this 3 times now.

id look into getting a real trt doc who will prescribe you hcg, AI and do proper blood test. board sponsor IMT here is surely worth looking into.
id look into getting a real trt doc who will prescribe you hcg, AI and do proper blood test. board sponsor IMT here is surely worth looking into.

Yes!! This ^^ This is your life and your happiness. Find an expert. There are guys here who would love to help if you cant find someone local. There are too many docs out there willing to help us for us not to find one we like. Good luck bro
Don't know what your options are in Canada, but sure sounds like your present doc is an amateur. If you are injecting yourself then start doing 50 mg E3.5D. That will help a tiny bit.

If estrogen is your issue then you will need arimidex or aromasin, both easily available on the black market if you have no other options with docs in Canada. Your dose of 100 mg/wk test is low, so be careful with AI dose - a little goes a long way and crashing E2 can be horrible.

No matter what you need to do blood testing for test, free test, SHBG, and estrogen - both at the beginning of your run when you are feeling great, and at the end when you feel lousy and are on the verge of quitting. Each point in time will give you some valuable info.
I cannot believe how hard you are making this on yourself!

I think you problem has a simple answer, you say for the first couple of weeks is great but then you start feeling like pure crap, sounds TRT is working to me. That's because it takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks for your pituitary gland to sense that there's plenty of testosterone circulating in your blood and in response your pituitary gland shuts down which is exactly what should happen. Then you go off TRT for awhile and your pituitary recovers and then you go on TRT again and weeks later your pituitary shuts down yet again and the cycle starts all over again. When you slow and stop the TRT, now your testosterone levels are zero all while your pituitary gland is still shutdown killing your libido, now you're waiting for your pituitary gland to come back online. You must wait for the medicine to work and your body to adjust to the new hormone levels, I can't believe nobody has mentioned this yet. I hear stories like this every single day, guys wondering what the hell is going on, why did TRT stop working. I seriously doubt it's high E2 at only 100 mg weekly, I'm on 100 mg weekly (25 mg EOD) and have never experienced high E2 symptoms, I've only heard of guys talk about it. I've been on TRT for 8 months and my muscles started getting noticeably harder at the 6 months in and erections also started around the same time and are still improving, erections are still hit and miss sometimes but are always getting better especially recently. You can't just improve your hormone landscape and expect immediately sky high libido and full on erections, did you think you were injecting heroin where an instant high is guaranteed?

You want to know how to get yourself feeling normal again, get your hormones within range and keep them there, then wait MONTHS and you'll start noticing improvements. When you do exactly this and months later you start feel great, you're going look back at this thread and start laughing while shaking your head! Your doctor is a freaking moron, whenever I hear, "it's all in your head" statement I can't help but think what a lazy bastard. That's a copout answer that really means, "I'm too lazy to figure it out".
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Try out Gel instead of injections. On many people it has lower tendence to convert too much into E2 because you can follow the natural daily level status with it. With injections you are every time on the same level and the body is every time convertig it into E2.
Normal gels (in the ugly sachets) wasn't so good, but now i have a 16,2% gel in a pump dispenser and it is working incredible good now. :D

For me, gel is a good thing at time and I can feel the big difference between them and injections.
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