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been nippin out, is this a sygno of gyno? no pain ,itching or discomfort at all just nippin! im taking .75 mg fina ed,.75 mg test prop ed,dropped body fat, gained 17 lbs ,im in week 4 now of first cycle.
If nippin means puffing up then I would just say it is due to water retention but Im just guessin what NIPPIN OUT means.
OH in that case it aint shit if it aint sensitive and it aint itchy or there is not a lump behind it then stop stressin .
Don't guys nipples generally get a little more "hard" when they're on a cycle? I don't think you'd have anything to worry about unless they were itchy or puffy.
Gyno from Tren use is actually a lump which forms under the nipple. This is not your typical gyno caused by estrogen but rather it is caused by an increase in the production of prolactin brought on by Tren use. Typical anti-estrogens will do nothing to prevent or reverse prolactin induced gyno. The only drug that will prevent and or reverse prolactin induced gyno is bromocriptine. The recommended dose is 1/2 tab(1.25mg) in the AM and 1/2 tab(1.25mg) in PM . You better get hold of some bromocriptine now because eventually your erect nipples will become protruding nipples from a large lump forming underneath.