Nolva time frame?

Darby Crash

New member
Currently on Sust and Dbol, just finished the dbol mostly due to a rather significant gyno growth seemingly over night. I have been taking liquidex eod. I did forget for a few days though. I started Nolva right away 60 mg daily, its been 3 days now and I haven't seen any change as of yet. Nipples are still puffy and the gyno hasn't grown but also hasn't reduced. What should i be expecting? I know I should be patient but will the growth actually reduce or is it too late?
I think you need to wait a few more days. Were your nips sore before and the soreness gone away? If so, at least you can take comfort in the fact that it's working.
Actually the pain has lessened a bit, not that it was terribly bad but I really don't notice it at all now. Must be working - I'll be patient. I'm reducing to 40 mg daily. Let me know if thats a bad idea.