TEST+GYNO help 1st cycle with existing gyno


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So guys I have some problems with gyno I'm not sure how to go about it. It's started 2 years ago when I got back into lifting again I hopped on some stuff called DMZ. Noticed some pretty good size but not what I wanted I then hopped on another cycle of just winstrol. At this time I had not done a ton of research I was just anxious and happy to see myself starting to get my weight and size back. Not long after I noticed a lump under on my right nipple. I didn't think much about it it didn't hurt or bother me and wasn't noticeable so I never looked into it.
So here I am 2 years later been consistently hitting the gym getting my dirt back in order and starting to get my gains back. My whole life ppl have told me dude your natty you need to hop on a cycle your be huge!! So after hearing this non stop from multiple ppl I finally decided to get on Test E. A friend of mine had been juicing so he helped me out with what I would need never decided to look into myself which was a big mistake... I've started low 150 mg every 4 days and was gonna work my way up. But my 3rd injection my right nipple had grown and started to feel tender and in my left as well and i started to notice a sag. Now I've always had what I would say a "puffier" chest with lil more fat and sag to it but always thought of it as big. But now the nipple started to become pudgier and the lump seemed to be getting bigger and more agitated. So I set up an appointment to get it looked at and sure enough what every lifter fears it was GYNO!!!
I immediately became super depressed and started researching like crazy. From what I had read I decided to stop my test and go straight to my pct of nolva. I've done 2 days of 40 mg and hasn't noticed a difference. Now I am waiting to set up my follow up appointment on what I should do. I've been looking into getting some letrozole in hopes of killing it. It bothers me like crazy but if I can shrink the lump and burn the fattyness off I will be more than happy and won't look into surgery. I'm more concerned with shrinking the lump and making my nipples not so puffy. I can burn the fat I'm not worried about that
My question is what should I do? Continues my 10 week cycle test run, stop the nolva and get letro immediately? Stop the test continue my nolva and get letro immediately? Or stop everything all together?and help or advice would be greatly appreciated you guys I realize I should have done my research before and now I am paying the price.
Research probably wouldn't have helped you, unless it caused you to run an AI. Getting gyno at 150 test/wk means you were pre-disposed and it would have happened anyway pretty much no matter what, so don't beat yourself up over it.

There have been a lot of posts recently so read up on them. Some folks have cured it with nolva only. If you want the best proven way then get raloxifene.
Please get bloodworks done, female panel so we can have a looksie at your LH, FSH, E2, Total and free test levels.
I dont see your stats so plsse list your stats as well, age, weight, height, bf%.