oats question


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i was at the store yesterday and saw so many different kinds of oats and oats mixes and what not.so could anybody clear up what type i need to buy
rolled oats are proberly the best because of ots high content of natural oat. Just take a look at back of box to see content- Higher Protein the better
whatever kind you want.

steel cut oats are the least processed, take longer to cook than the quaker variations, and have a nutty taste.

rolled quaker oats are softened and smashed to cook quicker.

instant quaker oats are processed finer and cook the quickest.

and yes, the flavored oats are fine, even when dieting, especially around workouts.
plain red bagged quaker oats seem to be the best for me. once a day only though. Im not a horse damit! twice a day when im on tren lol..