On Operation Cyber Juice and Busting UGL's

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The most disturbing fact here is that the government is spending about $1 million (This is approximately what it costs to put 20-30 people for 1-2 years on an investigation to bust one of these operations) to take down one of these steroids suppliers. IT WAS SO PROFITABLE BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WANT IT! You, me, and the millions of people who want these compounds are paying taxes to bring down these people who are producing products we want. It is the ultimate analogy to Adam and Eve, and the forbidden fruit. There is a huge demand for the product, people can profit and feed themselves by manufacturing and selling to a massive demand for the product. But the government says no, even though this compound helps millions of people, we are going to spend money to prosecute those dealing in this business. Has the government learned nothing from Prohibition, and now marijuana which will soon be legal in every state? The people are going to use these substances whether you want them to or not, and the government can either make laws punish and imprison its own population, or they can work with the people, tax it bringing the government an abundance of wealth, and offer programs and information regarding the hazards of its use like they do with alcohol.

Remember, your tax dollars are going to fund the take down of these steroid operations that you want. When Operation Cyber Juice bring one of these operations, it doesn't put a dent in the availability of anabolic steroids. Not one person goes without steroids because you bust one UGL. Not one person goes without steroids because one UGL goes down, you just go on to the next one because we are saturated with them. Leave it to our government to pointlessly spend money to enforce law over this steroids when you could work with the people, tax it bringing in money for the government and create a million jobs with all the steroid manufacturing plants and store that would pop up as a result. The legalization of marijuana in the 5 states that now allow recreational use are already creating tons of jobs and bringing in incredible wealth to the states.

The United States imprisons the highest percentage of it's population than any other country in the world!! And it is solely due to ineffective drug laws that fill our prisons with non violent drug offenders. It costs $80,000 a year for each person in Jail or prison. Luckily for us, Obama recognized this as a major issue, and has curtailed drug laws to keep non violent drug offenders out of prison. So now, it costs on average $1 million dollars per bust Operation Cyber Juice makes, and no one is going to prison, and there isn't a dent in the available supply of steroids for anyone to buy. Think about it, prohibition didn't work because everyone just kept breaking the law and buying alcohol. Marijuana is now legal and will soon be legal in every state, and all we did for the last 20 years was spend money to put people arrest dealers, ruin people's lives, and put them in prison when now they can be wealthy business owners. Can't you see the same model and process for steroids? Why are we wasting our time and money busting these UGL's when we could just work with each other and all profit.

We need to all get together on all of these anabolic steroid forums and boards, and do something about this.
I agree the laws could use change.

the majority of is that use gear do it because we wanna look good. And the stigma around aas is bullshit!!!

If your cycling and someone catches wind of it the number one thing people say is oh that's cheating. And I always think cheating at what? Cheating on looking good? It's also fucked up because most of the shit talkers never worked out a day in their life and think you put a needle in your ass n get huge. They don't get the fact you have to train balls regardless of ass or not.

If a female wants fake breasts which I feel is their right. the majority of the time people support what their doing because they wanna look good and it makes them feel better/helps with self esteem and at the end of the day it's their right because it's their body. You don't hear people say oh she's cheating because she had surgery.

I understand in sports aas is illegal but so are all drugs. so legalizing aas for the average joe like us shouldn't be an issue.

It's complete bullshit how people judge ya like the devil for aas use. The stigma around aas is whacked out. Roid rage lol makes your wanker smaller get real.

Anyway good thread and I agree with you 100%
Basically boils down to the stigma of it. Weed carried some of the same although it's usage was way more prominent and socially acceptable. I think aas are even way more misunderstood than marijuana therefore it's prob going to take alot longer for people to be educated on them
I dont consider THC a horrible drug but i remember in my days being so high i could easily have caused a accident while driving. With Tren i drive like a professional and i am highly alert lol
USA developed a private and also for profit prison system. blame that..
anytime you make it somehow profitable to lock someone up, you are asking for issues and evil growth.

modern slavery. jail workers, funding for dea, i can go on and on..
they want something to go after, they need to stp war on drugs
We live in cartoon world where there is a bigger stigma associated with AAS than plastic surgery. A chick can run and get fake tits for 5k, meanwhile a man who spend a few hundred bucks on a cycle and bust his ass in the gym is subject to more derision
I just sent trump a email he thinks the law is bullshit and promised me hes gonna deal with it.
I just sent trump a email he thinks the law is bullshit and promised me hes gonna deal with it.

first thing Trump should do is build big ass wall around corrupt government , keep the government out of our lives. corrupt govt. , (like whats being shown in this thread) is the biggest enemy of a citizens freedom.
I wonder if trumps on trt or growth lol

That guy is a animal he was going nonstop on the campaign trail when crooked hillary was to busy resting.

He does show signs of roid rage. Lol
I just sent trump a email he thinks the law is bullshit and promised me hes gonna deal with it.

Makes pefect sense why he's so obsessed with China....that's where all the raws come from....

I wonder if trumps on trt or growth lol

That guy is a animal he was going nonstop on the campaign trail when crooked hillary was to busy resting.

He does show signs of roid rage. Lol
Yes, and that orange moon face leads me to believe his AI dosage is not sufficient for the amount of Dbol he's running.

It's a giant game of whack-a-mole. You take down 1, 10 more pop up. They know it's never going to end which is what they want. It's an endless supply of funding.

I hate to say, but I don't ever think AAS will be legal for recreational use. It's impossible to die from marijuana directly. It's NOT impossible to die from steroids. They are relatively safe, but also relatively easy to screw up and cause some damage. Because of this, I don't think the government will ever trust the general public to use hormones off label.