Oral Deca???

Well..........it's listed under pro-hormones on their site;

Oral deca tabs: With the release of the new "ether" esters, we have developed an effective oral deca tab. We have developed a micronized version of this product implementing a purer ether without compromising the stability of the product. This product contains a stable 19-dione delivery system, as well as all the ingredients responsible for the vetrinary steroid "kynosylans" myostatin inhibitors. 50 tabs, 30 days supply,
Ill take a prohormone when they deliver steroid like reults and dont cost more than using real steroids, sure they make work, but if they are "pre-cursors" of the real thing, why not take the reall thing? Against the law? I laugh in the laws face HA HA HA (j/k DEA)
Actually, I was kidding. I remember a number of years ago when Bill Phillips was talking up HMB (I think it was) and the words..."felt like deca" were used.

In fairness, the product I tried was pretty good. It could have actually been a better absorbed version of nordiol....but like injecting deca not.
If you got a good price and realized you were really dealing with a prohorme it may be worth a shot.