oral winni dosage?


-Flesh Eater-
How much Winni should I be ingesting a day If I use the 5mg BDT ones?

I weigh in at 200lbs and I have used Ip 50mg before?
I personally felt that 20mg - 3 times a day is optimal. If you want to keep it under 50mg a day then take 15mg twice and 20 mg once.

Splitting it up this way gives more constant blood concentrations. Those BD's are great so no matter how you split them up, you'll be fine. I just prefer spreading it out ... and this worked very well for me.

BTW ... I'm about the same weight as you, 205 here.
i was gonna get the BDT ones and do 10 in the mornin and 10 in the late afternoon. I have done the IP's and i was happy with the results, i took 2 50mg tabs every mornin for around 6 weeks but make shore you take something for your joints i regredid not