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Hey bro's I just did a fina injection of 1cc, I"ve been doing ED injects for 3 weeks along with EQ and Test, Well I injected 3cc of EQ last night into my left quad and this morning I went to a different spot on the quad and injected the fina, and ouch it stings :( and i feel a lump there i think it's just all the oil and will go down. So my question is, I know the average amounts u can inject into a muscle, quad being like 4 cc's tops glutes 5-6cc, delts 2, etc. But over what period of time is this??? lol I've never thought about it until now. later
I would do the same sites every 5-7 days, thats what my body is comfortable with. You could throw your biceps in the mix too.

Shoulder(L), Shoulder(R), Glute(L), Glute(R),Quad(L), Quad(R), Bicep(L), Bicep(R).

Play it smart bro use you glute for your highrest volume injections.
Yea, 3-4 cc's is pretty safe in the quads I would say let the oil dissipate and inject that spot next week.