Over the counter diuretic


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Has anyone used any over the counter diuretics after a cycle to get rid of some water and cut up? Just wondering. I bought some diurex and thought I would try it. It contains caffeine, acetaminophen, and potassium salicylate. It says to take 1 a day, but I was wondering if I should exceed this to get results I want?
I'm guessing the caffeine and tylenol are supposed to dry you out while te potassium helps keep levels normal? Why not take a tylenol and a cafeine pill with a banana?

On the other hand, I have used dandilion and it works alright for an otc one.
Big Moose said:
Are those the blue pills? Believe it or not, I have had success with them.

They are gell caps with different colored balls in them. I took one today and actually got a little jacked from the caffeine. I am just wondering if I should be taking more than one a day.