Pale and have a few freckles, is Melanotan a good idea?


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Hey guys, i was going to post this in the peptide forums but noticed the post dates and replies were ages ago and lacking lol. If it needs to be moved i'm sorry.

Anyway i've just ordered some MT-II and i was going to start at around .03mg and stay on that does for as long as necessary. But i have quite a few freckles and moles... i don't mean a million of the phukkers like a ginger would, but enough to notice, the majority of them are quite light in colour anyway . I'm also kinda pastey. Has anyone else used melanotan with the same skin type? I just don't want to use this product if its going to cause irreversible effects etc. I've read of people getting black freckles that stand out, they look aged and some of this stuff doesn't go away... what are your thoughts and or exp. with this? Thanks.