PCT for coming off of 4 year cycle

If your concern is being able to have kids then you need to get your sperm checked. I was on gear like you for years straight and I came off for a couple years or so without pct, no I***8217;m not saying not to pct it just wasn***8217;t an option for me. My wife and I were trying to have a child and it was not working and her idiot doctor where we used to live always said it was probably me and everything looked fine with her, fast forward several years later we moved to where we are now she got a new doctor and my wife finally convinced me to get my sperm checked. For me it was embarrassing going and cranking one out in a cup but I put my big boy pants on and did the deed. My sperm came back excellent the doctor said there was zero issues on my end. Her new doctor found out she has endometriosis and that is why we could not have kids.

A few of my friends have had children while on gear with no issues, no I***8217;m not saying to go have kids while on gear I***8217;m just saying being on gear does not necessarily mean your shooting blanks.

The most important thing to find out is if your sperm is good. If you have been doing the deed with your woman and not pulling out with no pregnancies it does not necessarily mean it is you. Your insurance will cover the test. Good luck and I hope the best for you on your journey to having children. I wish I had one or two more than anything and my wife is crushed because of it.

ive always wondered if there are long term issues after doing gear. not all gears are perfect and this is after all still a new developing science less than 50 years old.
To answer your questions, yes testicle size is a good first indicator. Blood testing and seeing levels you are happy with is better still.

On the nolva and clomid, yes potentially for longer. Yes on seeing testosterone, LH, and FSH levels where you want them with blood testing.

As far as ideal PCT, add those things and short of expert medical oversight I think you are doing all you can.

absolutely spot on, testicle size is a great indicator. i check mine at least 40 times per day. Lots of people think Im Italian.
your second plan is better than your first, hows it going so far? any sides? how about gains?

Been off everything for like almost two months now. I think test levels are probably low but in range, I'm guessing in the 300-400 range.

Going to the urologist in about a week and a half, I seem to be having something going on with my prostate that started during pct. Prostatitis maybe? Going to get a semen analysis scheduled at that time as well.

Was planning to run IMTs restart protocol, but wanted to get everything else healthy first.

Other than that, blood pressure is down significantly from on cycle. Got it taken today at 98/66, first thing in the morning though.
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You blood work looks like everything is coming back. On normal basis my liver is always high even off cycle. Just natural with age I guess.
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