pic of Denkall's t-400's no wrapper but checked batch # and good


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A freind recieved these..
No plastic wrapper, went to aussie vet did a batch check, holigrams looks good to me. any fakes known?
I know its good!
gonna mix with 50cc fort dodge EQ 2 t-400's 2 QV cyp, and 1 QV prop.
+100cc cocktail.

I plan on using 100cc sterile vial and taking top totally off baking at 250 for an hr or so...

than transfer into 20 or 30cc sterile unmarked crimped vials and using this "cocktail" to use for on-sites.

I have a very high pain tolerance.
I just got two bottles but the exp date is printed not stamped, the hologram doesn't have a rainbow effect just shiny silver and the inside of the box is brown, not white like yours.

I took a ml last night to verify and no pain this morning, would you guess its fake, it's a fucking great fake if its not real. Ill post a pic but my camera aint that great.
I just got done with a bottle of T-400, mine only had a little over 8cc's in it though, those pics look like the real thing to me. Hologram is placed in the right place, and everything looks straight. Generally if the batch numbers and expiration date match off of Denkall's website it means good news. The pain isn't that bad, 3-4 days then your fine.
For Magnuson, if you took a shot last night and it still doesn't hurt, then it is definitely fake. I have known about 5 people get bunk T-400.
I am on the same shit now...looks identical to the bottle and box i got...holly fuck that is painful if you dont' cut it...i did 3 shot with out cutting and experience pain, swelling, and depression....took my first shot with Deca two days ago and it is only sore...make sure and cut it with something...