Please critique my diet!


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This is what im going to start doing for my bulking plan. please give your input to help me get the best results thanks!

24 yo

Meal 1
Egg - Egg, Large , 2 large egg
Egg - Egg Whites, 4 large egg white (33g)
Walmart Great Value - 1% Low Fat Milk - Grade A, 1 cup/240ml
Quaker Old Fashion Oat Meal - Oat Meal, 1 cup dry
Bsn True-Mass - Strawberry Milkshake, 2 scoops

Meal 2
Honey Boy - Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon 6 oz
Created Whole - Whole Wheat Tortillas, 3 tortilla

Meal 3
Hearts of Romaine Salad (Bagged), 2 cups (85 g)
6oz Grilled Chicken Breast
2 tbs Creamy Caesar Dressing

Meal 4
6oz Grilled Chicken Breast
Rice - Brown, long-grain, cooked, 2 cup

Plain White Bagel (1)
Bsn Syntha-6 Protein Powder - Chocolate Peanut Butter (2 scoops)

Meal 6
Starkist - Chunk Light Tuna (In Water)
Generic - Sweet Potato, Baked, No Skin, 14 oz

Calories =3,394
Supplements are animal pak, creatine monohydrate @ 25g day, extend intra-workout, and of course the protein powders
You need more veggies your diet basically is protein and carbs.Fuck the romaine hearts its basically water. I personally would add veggies with every meal such as kale,asparagus,spinach,broccoli etc.

Meal 1 is ok. meal 2 add veggie. Meal 3- makes it a more green use the garden mix with all different lettuce and shit. Meal 4- add veggies. Meal 5- i personally like putting oats in my post workout shake. Meal-6 wheres the beef??? Get some beef!

Cook your beef and chicken in some coconut oil.
Just noticed this is a bulking plan. Im sure you have low body fat for your height and weight. Don't be afraid to have some sloppy meals thats the point of gaining weight. Your metabolism is probably still fast so no worries. You need to increase body fat % a little that way you can grow and move more weight in the gym. Also if your doing cardio cut back a little you need to be over your caloric maintenance level
Thanks man that's great advice. Ill add some beef at the last meal for some slow digestive protein and more veggies. I quit eating uncooked oats because i read they are very starchy and harder to digest so i was unsure of the bioavailability. I don't have a problem with throwing in a few cheese burgers either! haha thanks again bro
No problem. Everyone has something to say about everything haha it all comes down to what works for you. If you feel its beneficial keep it if not toss it. I used to be 170 and i wouldn't be 270 now if it wasn't for a bunch a cheese burgers, fries, ice cream etc haha. Ya your body fat goes up a little but at the same time you get bigger and stronger faster. Just monitor your progress visually if you feel like a fat fuck then dial it down.