Diet Critique - First Cycle


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Hey guys just looking for some critique on my diet. Looking to bulk up with a test E cycle over 12 weeks. Here are my stats and diet, all responses are appreciated.

23 years old
165 lbs and 9-10% bodyfat
TDEE ~2500 for light activity

Meal 1

100g Rolled Oats
100ml Almond milk
5g Coconut oil
15g Chia seeds
15 Natural Peanut Butter
10g Whey protein (for taste)

Macros: 33P / 70C / 28F

Meal 2

120g Chicken Breast
150g Sweet potato
2 whole eggs
150g Mixed Green Vegetables

Macros: 47P / 41C / 13F

Meal 3

120g Kangaroo Mince
150g Brown Rice
2 whole eggs
150g Mixed vegetables

Macros: 48P / 47C / 15F

Meal 4 (Pre Training)

150g Chicken Breast
100g Rolled Oats
15g Natural peanut butter
150g green veggies

Macros: 54P / 66C / 18F

Meal 5 (Post Training)

100g Rolled Oats
30g Whey protein
2 Bananas
25g Honey

Macros: 49P / 125C / 13F

Meal 6 (Post Post Training)
150g Chicken Breast
150g green veggies

Macros: 24P / 1C / 1 F


256P / 345C / 87F = ~3150 Calories