Please help A few questions cycle history and pct.


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So this is the second post ive made here. Im 32 years old, natural around 225 - 230lbs @ 14-16% bf and im 6' 4" tall. On gear i usually weigh in around 250 lbs, bf goes up slightly or down slightly depending on my work out intensity & diet.

My first "cycle" was test only for 6 weeks not really knowing how it works did not taper off and only used novadex. "Pct" stayed off test for =time i was on +2 weeks. The way i felt when i was on fist time: super high sex drive! Looked awesome! Strong AF! Happy! When i came off that time really bad head aches when weight was added during workouts. (Never had labs)

Second time: ran test-c and sus-350 1cc of each while running nova and introduced hcg through cycle and pct same amount of time as first cycle including pct +2 weeks.
The way i felt awesome still uber sex drive training was great! No headaches.

After the cycle above i pretty much ran this way for a few more times only thing that changed was the length of time instead of 1 month i was going for 2, some times running diffrent test combos test-e, test-c, test-p, sust 250, sust 350, test 400... Not all at same time. Just diffrent combos. Not exceeding 2 diffrent kinds. Each time pct was fine felt good. Just wanted to see how each one reacted with my body.

The last cycle from the times above i ended due to having a surgery i had an abdominal hernia so i was compleatly off for 4 months.

Currently back on a cycle this is the issue i started with test prop 1cc every 3days i could not get novadex so i got Clomid. I noticed that my sex drive was 0 thought it could been cause estrogen may have been a lil high also experianced some ED issues, (they would come and go) kinda worked when it wanted to not when i wanted it to... i told a budy of mine and he gave me some arimidex told me to run eod & lose the Clomid, up the test a little bit 1 1/2 cc e3d so i did. Also running tren ace at this point 1cc eod and Bam! It worked again! Happy for like a week i was good... Now its not working again. Strong as an ox though. But my D game is weak af its starting to scare me so im thinking about ending cycle soon.

I asked Dr. for endocrine blood panel test he took my blood yesterday i get results back next week but im on cycle Now so every thing is probably super fuxed up. is there a way to correct these issues once i get my results back? Or should i come compleatly off and rest up a bit? And try again.

Also can i use hgh during my pct and if so any recomendations that wont effect estrogen lvls?