Possible to feel side effects only a week and a half into TRT (Test-E)?


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120mg/week, Test-E, split every 3.5 days. After shot #3 last night (so week and a half in) I woke up this morning with slightly sensitive nipples. Not painful but definitely sensitive.

I know that’s a go-to sign of Estrogen being out of whack but is it even possible to experience it THIS quickly at such low doses? I’m quite literally only 180mg in over 10 days.

I have Arimidex on hand and am starting HCG next week as well (500iu a week, split dose).

Any help answering the timing would help put my mind at ease. Cheers.
Run some blood work about two days after your next injection and let's see where you are at. Get the sensitive E2 lab done.

What's your approximate body fat percentage?