Post cycle therapy (pct) Advice/thoughts


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PCT Advice/thoughts

Wk 1-10 Sus 250mg E3 days
Wk 1-10 Deca 200mg/week... Or E4 days. Any thoughts?

I was just wondering what some of you guys considered to be a solid post cycle therapy (pct) and HCG program for the above cycle .
I done some research but wasn't to sure if it was relevant to the above as much as some direct convosation on this thread would be.

While on this subject, i'd like to take this chance to say that i've noticed a few people on here who don't consider post cycle therapy (pct) to be as important as the rest of their cycle. Under no circumstances should post cycle therapy (pct) be overlooked or neglected.

It's just as important as that Test or whatever other Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) shit your injecting yourself with. :) Glad thats out the way.