Post cycle therapy (pct) doesn't have to be bad


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PCT doesn't have to be bad

I am finishing my second week of post cycle therapy (pct) today and its going really well. I have zero sex drive, which I don't mind. (Actually it is kind of liberating not being controled by the drive to get some). But other than that, I feel great. Today I had one of the best workouts I've had in while. Strength is holding steady and great energy. My weight is holding steady at 225, and I am kind of suprised because I have been eating quite a bit.

In my mind, I have been really focusing on the anabolic effect of food. Sort of tricking myself to believe that eating really well will replace the gear that I have stopped using. Also changing up my workout a bit, like doing standing military today and using chains for the first time with my DE bench.

In the past, if I lose strenght post cycle, it seems to be in the 4th -5th week. I don't know why. But I just got a big tub of creatine and will start that in another week or two, which should get me past that hump.

Just checking in to maybe let some newbies know that post cycle therapy (pct) doesn't have to be hell, so long as you do it right.

(Except I did cry watching that Adam Sandler movie, Fifty First Dates.....clomid :insane2: )
I'm currently in post cycle therapy (pct) too. Not that bad except for lack of energy, and longer recuperation time. A little cunty at times but it goes with the territory... Surprisingly my sex drive has actually gotten stronger??!!
The sex drive thing is what I dont like. Other then that post cycle therapy (pct) is nothing bad. Hey youre letting youre body rest and recuperate. Just see to it that you eat like a mofo and hit the gym like one and little to no size will go away.
But the sex drive thing is getting to me, specially as I'm on a longer cycle now and hell I dont want to be lacking in sex drive.