Pre/Post Carb/Fat questions...


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Ok, currently aiming for 400 carbs daily, and 400 grams of protein.

Anyways, I keep reading about pre vs post workout nutrition, some say you need em both pre and post others disagree.

But, since I aim for 400 daily, I usually have 100 at breakfast, 100 at lunch, 100PRE WO, and 100PWO, and none before bed. (Protein and fats at bed.)

Anyways, it seems like ALOT of carbs to me, I mean, 100 PRE and POST? Is that over kill? That is creating a BIG insulin spike 2x very close together...There is no way you are "carb depleted" with all the carbs you have already eatin thought the day from a hour lifting session with some cardio...

Also, have read that Carbs do not help with protein synthesis, and really arent needed PWO, and PRE would be more approtpriate if you were to choose a HIGH carbs meal.

LAST question, I usually eat SOME fat with my PRE WO meal, is this "bad"? I just started doing it thinking it would slow digestion of my PRE WO meal to help get threw.
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