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biggie, i am sorry for posting this in this forum but the docs hang here. so i figured it would be seen. if moved i will understand

ok my question.

i have to wear a mask at night when sleeping [c-pap machine]. it constantly forces air through my nose to keep me breathing.

is there some kind of surgery that can fix the problem or am i stuck with the mask for life. the constant noise bothers the wife and its hard to get in the mood when you have a mask with a big tube hooked in it wrapped around your face:D .

any direction you could point me in would be greatly appreciated
sleep apnea?

i thought i saw something on the discovery channel the other day about a guy that got some sort of surgery for it and then somethign about a clinical trial on some pill.

have you gone to some sort of a specialist or sleep clinic? id think they would know the most about the options
thanks guys. i went to a lab a few years ago i have had c-pap machine sense then. . they told me the machine is 100% effective as compared to the surgery 50/50 with the surgery at that time. i guess things have not changed.

as for the machine its my best friend . pretty scarey waking up in the middle of the night trying to get a breath.

just checking to see if there was anything new surgery wise.

whats up drvee? thanks for the link brother

raw lifter thanks for the post bro. much appreciated. 289 lbs currently is not helping:D
Worked for me.


Well I'm one of the bros where the surgery worked. I had a uvulaplasty and a tonsillectomy and its gone. Only time I get it back is when I bulk too much fat, but I have changed to not coming off at all with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) so I think I won't be getting fat like that again since my doc wants me in single digit BF in about 6 months permanently or he can't guarantee that I will be able to avoid famial tendency to heart disease.

I cringe to think of my Web Stud going through that gruesome procedure. Very few are happy they did. As a beloved Professor in my medical school said: "No procedure is so barbaric someone won't try to improve it."
house1 said:
longtimer, how bad was the recovery. alot of pain?

House - Actually it was quite a story to say the least. Recovery was not bad took about a week but then I had to wait a month for the second part and recovery from that took another week. Long story, suffice it to say I know more about allergies to anesthetics than I will ever need. (I'm allergic to preservaties used in anesthetics). If it had been done all in one visit it should have been an overnight visit and not a week in ECU. Well anyway it was one of the best things I did cause we caught it before there was any damage to my heart which is the place sleep apnea hurts first and as long as I keep the fat off of me I don't have it anymore.

thanks for your reply longtimer. i am weighing the option of having it done. not sure yet