Question on dosage


Suppose you have some amps of test enanthate @ 250 mg each.

You only want to take 350 mg/week.

What is the easiest way to accomplish your goal ??
Simple... just take 500mg............... :)

I would just get some cyp or ethanate that was 200mg and do 1 amp of the 250 eth mixed with 1/2 cc of the 200mg cyp or eth...
BiggieSwolls said:
1 amp every 5 days.

Yes...... you're right............but I should have said no Mods or Owners could answer.

I promise a tougher question next time , LOL !! :D

Now does anyone (but Biggie) know how he figured that out ??
hahahahaha. Sorry SC, didnt mean to ruin the educational thread. For a second there I was wondering if you had taken a hand full instead of a pinch out of the "greenery" bag.
Billy_Bathgate said:
Sample Size X 7 / Desired Weekly Dose = Days of Sample administration


250 X 7 / 350 = 5

Correct !!

And that boys and girls, is your math lesson for the day.

Class dismissed !! :D
My solution was much easier............ for us "simple" folks..... or would that be folks with Common Sense??????? lol