Real Deca?


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My dealer got me these Deca and I'm absolutely not sure whether they are real or not. Can anybody help me???
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look real to me, get a second opinion, i think they are supposed to be yellow cap, but i don't know why no yellow cover?
Seem real alright. Have been using Deca Decanote (Durbolin) from Greece and have work well.
don't know about Norma though.
Remove the label and see if it has NORMA in blue - thats one way to tell...

They do look good to me.

The Orgs' are the only Decca that have the Yellow caps, not the Normas'.
Fake bro!!..

Norma never used the "split"in thier tops....also the label is off (letters too small)..and the stamping of the date etc. is shady too..