Recovering completely from 3 cycles & 2 c***ses


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Hey guys, its been a while but I was able to get my blood test done and have some interesting results. Blood was drawn roughly 7 weeks post PCT. It took longer to get in because well, life and running a business can get in the way of things. Anyways here are some of the key values and reference ranges -

LDL - 110 (0-99)
Testosterone, serum - 343 (264-916)
Testosterone, free - 10.22 (5-21)
IGF-1 -127 (98-282)
Estradiol - 15.8 (8-35)

This is where it gets weird though;
TSH - 142.6 (.45-4.5)
TSH was retested a week later (yesterday) - 182
T4 -1.5 (4.5-12)
T3 - 22 (24-39%)

As you can see something is not functioning right with my thyroid, and I am going in to get it taken care of today. My guy that tests me said he's never seen someone with such high TSH, and mentioned that its definitely what is and has most likely been inhibiting my testosterone recovery. He said he's not sure how I get out of bed in the morning or go lift :p admittedly, I've been sleeping 8-9 hours every night which is the only way I've been making it.

Hypothyroidism is hereditary in my family, and even as a natty my TSH was 15+. Its a relatively easy fix from what I understand (I've taken thyroid armour before). My goal is to get on meds for it so my natural test can continue to recover, while I schedule an endo visit to find the root of the problem, if any (its generally 2-4 months to get into an endo). It is possible I genuinely just have hypothyroidism, and paired with low test, is giving me insane TSH values.

As for my test levels, I'm actually not disappointed. roughly a month and a half after how long I was on stuff to see it at least 300+ with my thyroid dragging it down shows me its trying to recover. Of course this is more opinion than fact, I am however basing this on how I've been feeling as well. I dipped down to 207 lbs after PCT but I'm already back up to the 215-218 range. I've barely lost any strength with any lift and I'm still getting compliments on my size and (weirdly?) how I'm looking more cut. Its much harder to lose fat than normal though, and I'm attributing this to the thyroid. Staying at my weights in the gym is more of a challenge but it seems like I've balanced/evened out.

As for my blood pressure I've since dropped the Losartin (for almost 3 weeks now), and my BP values have been lower than I've ever seen in my life. I think the other night I was something like 90/64. I'm generally sitting between 100-110/60-75 at night which is when it used to be insanely high. So for the heart health I'm concluding I've most likely completely reversed the LVH and valve issues, but I will get another stress test to confirm in a month or two.

Will keep it updated on my recovery.


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well well, that sheds some light on the matter doesn't it?

glad you caught that and youre handling it


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Clomid, nolva, igf-lr3, zma, daa, extra squats and beef (thats what i always did for pct, except for the igf, still wagering picking it up again ive been burned 2x buyin it online)... Also i noticed you mentioned you wanted to make sure u werent pct'ing "too long" i was under the assumption the longer the better. Like id do clomid till the bottle runs out (60-50mg) week 1-4 50mg/d (100mg/d for first few days) then week 5+ ill do 50 mg eod or e3d for like another month at least until i run out, is this wrong or bad somehow?


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well well, that sheds some light on the matter doesn't it?

glad you caught that and youre handling it

It sure does, I can't believe I was just walking around at those levels. I'm just thankful I've been able to retain my size and remain mentally sane (for the most part). I sit between 215-220 pretty consistently. I'm actually eating and okay with being around 10-12% bf as I'm not going to even consider cutting until this is under control.

After seeing my PCP he prescribed me 100mcg levothyroxine ED and will get new bloods done in 6 weeks to reevaluate dosages. He also ordered me a thyroid ultrasound to make sure no nodules have formed. Other than that I'm just powering through it and not giving a fuck lol. I swear I'm going to do everything to keep this mass on or die trying. Will report back.