Research and theories behind GH GUT?


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I really wanna try GH for 6 months, maybe more. Im young at 20yrs old, but i wouldnt try it til next cycle starts anyway. the ONLY thing im worried about is the irreversable GH GUT. We all know it exists (coleman, burke, titus, Ruhl, etc. . .) Only thing is we have theories and no definite proof about it. Some believe that it is caused from excessivly high doses of GH, and some believe insulin plays a role.

Im lookin for any and all research articles that could shed some light on this for me. I know thats Hhajdo's area, lookin for you buddy.

Would like some opinions, experiences, and any other info everyone has on the subject. Is there ANY known cases of someone gettin GH gut on only 4IU of GH for say 6-9 months?