Rice Water Spa Treatment?


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Rice water bath?

Seems that a good soak in rice water can soothe and heal irritated skin and tighten pores.

Put about three cups of un-cooked grains in the center of a large cheesecloth:tie shut. Place the bag under warm running water and bathe for 20 minutes.

This "brew" IS gentle enough to put on your face as well.
Good to know Vix.. I absolutely LOVE homeopathic remedies for ailments!!! Hey it can't hurt right :)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Here is one of my favorites:

For bags under the eyes.. a dab of preparation H (cream not ointment) does the trick!! It draws out the water and shrinks the delicate tissue under the eye.

I also heard tea bags help as well.. the tea acid is supposed to reduce swelling..

any other secrets ladies.. PLEASE post em :)
Super..I have NEVER heard of the Prep H trick. Waaaaay Cool for those mornings we may have stayed out a bit too late the night before! I'm going to try it. THANKS FOR YOUR TIP!

Sea weed: I also love sea weed with sea salts for a scrub. You can buy sea weed in most health food stores. This emulsion can be used on the rough parts of your feet, elbows,knee's. I'd NOT use the sea salt scrub on my face.

HOWEVER- I use the sea weed mixture for my face. It also will tighten the pores on face and skin! MAKES SKIN SOFT AS A BABIES BUTT TOO!
MrsPuddlesFL said:
Hmmm...I wonder if the Prep. H would work for my belly? ;)

actually prep h ointment (not the cream) can be used pre-contest about 4 weeks out when tanning is started..
A little trick of the trade is to tan for 10 minutes everyday with prep H rubbed all over areas of extra fat and water.. IE: stomach, hips, inner thighs etc.. It will help to pull water to the surface and tighten the tissue there.. in time it will actually help to shrink the fat tissues with daily use and tanning and almost prevent the collection of water and fat there..

It is a temporary thing, definitely not a permanant fix because when you stop using it, yoru body will collect water again.. But it does help wtih contests and that hard dry look :)

VIX: my mother swears by this seaweed gel she uses everyday on her face. She says it is the secret to young looking skin and no joke, she is 57 and you would swear she was in her 40s, her skin looks that vibrant and tight :) So i am 100% with you on the seaweed for the face!!!

I have also heard that the dead sea salts are supposed to be very good for the skin.. I was in Vegas once and had a dead sea mud wrap at the Luxor hotel... My skin was like silk after that!!!
i'm definitely going to have to try out the Prep H for bags under the eyes! i'm prone to getting them if i don't get my 8 hours of sleep! :)
It's so strange how people differ so much. I never get bags under my eyes...but I do have a few wrinkles starting, they're most obvious if I'm not hydrated propperly.

I've inherrited a lot from my mother (saggy boobs and belly and lots of stretchmarks from pregnancy), hopefully the puffy eye thing will skip me. She just had her eyes done...she had uppers done a few years ago, this time she had both upper and lower done. Now that I had my breastlift, she wants one too. LOL My face is more like my dad's though...even our toes have the same pecularity...our middle toe is short.
Mrs. P.....Wrinkles..Schminkles....I consider 'em smile lines...WHICH are MUCH better than frown lines..Right? :)

TEXGIRL- I never get 8 hours of sleep a night. I only get about 6. I've not needed as much sleep since I've gotten older it seems. Oh well...Gone are the days of sleeping in til noon too! :)

SUPERGIRL- Listen to your momma about that seaweed! Momma knows best!

Your spa treatment at the Luxor sounded WONDERFUL. I need to get back to Vegas. Not been there in year's!!!!