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Weeks 1-10, 40mg ed of anavar

after I give my liver a break for a month, I then take the cutting a step further with a brief, yet effective, 6 day graduated DNP schedule....

Days 1-2: 200mgs ed
Days 3-4 400mgs ed
Days 5-6 500mgs ed

I have done 600mgs ed, but I feel that at 600mgs ed (OR MORE), that the DNP starts cutting into my lean muscle mass.
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I have taken DNP before... Do your homework first. Maybe you have. I suggest that you take a low dose of DNP for the first three days to see if you are allergic to it. If you start off with a big dose and you are allergic to it then you are in trouble and possibly dead. This is a very unforgiving cmpd. I was on it for only 10 days including the 3 day trial period and I lost 10lbs. You will need to take some t3 after the DNP till you natural t3 levels return.