Slin cycle, critique is wanted


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Hey guys Ive been mainly lurking on here for quite some time now and have been doing my research on AAS and Slin. Im going to be doing a cycle of slin in the near future but wanted to get opinions and advice about cycling.
I havent been able to find a proper source for humalog so Im going to be using Humulin r. I know it isnt ideal because of the extremely long time its active in the body and the peak time isnt until about 3 hours in, but its all I can seem to find and Ive been looking. Anyway heres my cycle plan, please give your opinions especially if youve cycled before.

Going to take shot right before workout and have some sort of carb still to be decided on, go workout, have some sort of sugar with me just in case i get light headed or what not, then after workout protein shake and some more carbs, I was thinking about half of what i had pre workout, however its all dependent on how low my BG is.

All shots will be IM

Week 1: 6IU slin PreWO with 50g of some sort of carbs, protein shake and more carbs postWO
week 2: 7IU slin PreWO 60g some sort of carbs, protein shake and carbs postWO
week 3: 8IU slin PreWO 70 g carb, protein shake and carbs postWO
week 4: 9IU slin PreWO 80 g carb, protein shake and carbs postWO
week 5: 10IU slin PreWO 90 g carb, protein shake and carbs postWO
week 6: 12 IU slin preWO 110 g carb, protein shake and carbs postWO

After completing the cycle do a reflection of what I thought, if I liked it Ill do another cycle in 12 weeks or so...

Now I understand all of the risks that come with using insulin and Im ready to deal with them and take them head on, I have done enough research on it to feel safe enough taking it.

Like i said please give me your input especially those experienced with slin,
Thanks Guys
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So.... You want to get fatter? Insulin is the LAST thing folks add to a cycle once they can no longer progress. Also, insulin is injected subq, not IM.

What you're proposing is akin to running an AAS cycle with just an AI; it makes no sense, and likely will put you in worse shape than you started.

I'm not even going to delve into that whole pesky death thing. Before you ask, I'm an insulin-dependent diabetic, so I'm very well versed on just how this stuff works.

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so lets go back to the basics here

cycle history
training history


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My apologies Im going to be running Tren with it as well so Im not really worried about much fat gain, I understand slin isnt a go to thing for most poeple but its something I want to run.

So subq injection instead of IM, alright, and like I said, Im not really worried about getting into worse shape than what I am right now. Thanks for the input, if you have more please go ahead and give it