Slin while cutting?


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I have read all the stickys on slin usage, and have a good grasp of dosage, carb intake, etc. In the interview with Milos, he mentioned he would not prepare for a contest without using slin, yet others say to use it only during a mass phase.

To those of you that have used slin, has anyone done so during a pre-contest/cutting phase? And what kind of results did you see.

I personally have not used Slin but my friend uses it only for mass stacks..He told me that he felt it would be too hard to stay lean while on it!
The contest prep may not be during the cutting phase. It is commonly used pre-contest (like 20 mins) to overfill the muscles with glycogen and get a bigger look.

Slin can be used when dieting, but you should search and learn about the pros and cons. There are a few of each. Slin is definately not for the un-educated lifter, and evenmore so while dieting.