starting fst tren cycle


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Starting my first tren cycle
Used sust,deca previously

Age26, height 5'9. Weight 172

sust250 weeks 1-13 (500mg) wk mon, Thurs
tren ace- weeks 2-10 300 wk. Mon, thurs
Methandienone Injection 30mg ed 1-5 wk
Gw-510516 -20mg a day
HGH - 6iu week
Provorin - 50mg ed
cabergoline .25mg 2x a week (50mg)
hcg 250iu 2x wk all the way until 4 days before pct
start pct 2 weeks after
I run clomid 100/100/50/50 ed. - 4 weeks

And advice will be much appreciated thanks


10 weeks of tren and at 300mg per week for a beginner like you is a horrible idea, List your complete cycle history. what gains did your last cycle get you?
what is your diet like now? why clomid only for pct? wheres the nolva??
can you get and keep your dick hard??
this cycle has way to many compounds. looks like someone is giving you shitty info.
read the beginers cycle sticky threads to see for yourself how bad this cycle is.
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With what you posted, it's pretty clear that you have no idea what your doing. Don't take this the wrong way but you definitely need educated on how gear works.

The most obvious red flag in your post is wanting to use TREN ACE just twice per week. Tren ace is a short ester compound that needs pinned every other day if not every day.
6 iu's of hgh per week. Another red flag.
12.5 mgs of aromasin eod is questionable.
Clomid only pct is kinda week too.
You got a ton of shit thrown in your cycle for very uncertain reasons. You most likely would benefit most with a simple test cycle and a diet overhaul. This just doesn't look good and probably won't go well for you...


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Hey bro. Click on the link at the bottom of Miltons post. Read that and put together a plan. We all start somewhere bro. You should start right here with that thread and also look at what the experienced bros posted above me. Your dosages aren't right even if you do want to use all those compounds. Keep it simple for now bro. Good luck with whatever you decide


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I have to agree with the above Posts.

Your Cycle is all over the Map.
You've got Long Esters mixed in with Short Esters, but you haven't adjusted the Injection Schedule to reflect that.

Your Cycle Looks like a Possible Lean Mass Cycle.
With the Tren/GW/HGH.
Then you Toss in some Injectable Dbol, which will Defeat any hope of a Lean Mass Cycle.

And that PCT is Weak............................. JP
Do yourself a Favor, read the Sticky under Miltons signature.

Then figure out what your Goal is for this New Cycle.