Starting Winny in a cycle, how much does TIMING make a difference for gains?


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Starting Winny in a cycle, how much does TIMING make a difference for gains?

This is what i am doing...

Sust for 10 weeks,

3 weeks before the Sustanon (sust) ends i am going to start the EQ for 12 weeks,

i want to start the Winstrol (winny) at the same time i start the EQ.


Can i take the Winstrol (winny) in the first 6 weeks of the EQ and get the same results as if i took it the last 6 weeks?

Would it be better to start the Winstrol (winny) after a few weeks of the EQ or does it not make a difference?

Will it hinder gains, should i wait until i am leaner to throw in the Winstrol (winny)?

(LOL...i know all 3 questions seem the same, i just want to make clear what i am asking. thanks)

How bout you throw up some stats; age, height, weight, cycle experience, goals, etc.

Everybody's first question to you is gonna be; "Why don't you run the Sustanon (sust) & Eq together ??"
Yeah a 19wk cycle is a little long when you can cycle them together , I know you are trying to take advantage of EQs cutting capabilities but it would be a better cycle ran together thats what im doin plus some d's
Stats, I am 5'9'', 215lbs, 14% BF, and this is cycle number 3.

Goals are:

Weight: 210 - 215lbs
BF%: 7-8%

how bout
1-10 Sustanon (sust) 250mg e3d
1-10 eq 400mg week (800 mg week 1)
8-12 Winstrol (winny) 50mg ed or 100 mg eod
I posted some pics of my self when i was leaner in the Pic of member forum, after my first cycle.

I would like to run the cycle a bit longer than 12 weeks, maybe 16 actually. SO i could start the EQ earlier, BUT if say i start the Winstrol (winny) with the EQ instead of at the end, will that hinder gains or will they be the same?