Steroid Quiz...for newbies

1. Kinda - Pyramiding – yes it does ‘ease your body’ into it, that’s what slowly going up means…easing into it…now, is there any basis in fact that this helps you either to mitigate sides or increase your gains, well that is false. Also, this is what the esters do, they are a built in pyramid and taper.

2. False – receptors aren’t clean or dirty, however something’s going on because you can take a guy and give him a gram of test for 6 weeks, get off for 6, then get back on for 6 weeks, and his gains will be more than somebody who takes 1 gram for 12 weeks straight. I have no idea why this is, it just is. This is why the guys who stay on constantly change their dosages as well as their choice of gear.

3. If you are taking a long ester gear, then yes it typically takes 3-4 weeks for you to see the results, shorter if you are taking an oral or something with a short ester. Now, is it working immediately, yes. But the question was ‘seeing’ results.

5. True tren can cause hairloss, false finasteride can help that.
I just wanted to point out a few problems I had with this 'test'.

I seem to recall a test over on that was a fucking test. Maybe ulter can chime in, but that was a bear.
nice test - missed four ,missed 1 using txlonghorns answers - #17 .thanks to all the vets for sharing info.
enjoyed the test

Every person has to be a critic, good test, I missed a few but you will have that, the base of the test was impressive but my critic side would have used some different lingo. Either way, Good test