Steroids: Why They Are Not the Answer by 3J

Just to give a good example of not being able to out-exercise or out-drug a poor diet, I once burned off 600 calories on an elliptical machine. It took me about 40 minutes and was a VERY good work out for the cardiovascular system! However, had I then gone out afterwards and eaten a Whopper WITHOUT Cheese, I would have consumed 636 calories in that one burger. 40 minutes of hard work would have vanished in 5 minutes of eating...and I most likely would have had fries and a large soda with it...
agreed and why i tell people diet is main factor for fatloss. sure cardio is good, but diet is what to focus on not a bunch of crunches or treadmill...

3J great thread!
Just a stupid question, how Is possible to build a physique in prison like kali muscle did with tuna and noodles?

dude its super easy to do it in the joint. The commissary is stocked with good foods and what you cant get from them you can get from the trustees that work in the kitchen who got the juice, so for a pack of cigarettes you can get tuna, noodles, chicken, damn you can even get stake and shrimp if you got it like that. and every pen is super equipped with solid weight lifting equipment, free weight and universal. They got guys there who are more shredded than a julienne salad. Dont ask me how I know this I just do :) so dont judge me.
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