StonecoldNTO and other garlic users

StoneColdNTO said:
I'll have to check how many mgs my tabs are once I get home tonight.

News Flash..........Garlic does NOT help with one's memory

Anyways, better late than never.........the tabs I have are 600 mg and I take 2/day
oh I guess I should ask have you seen results as far as tests that say that it is working or is fact that it helps lipid profile
stonecold54 said:
oh I guess I should ask have you seen results as far as tests that say that it is working or is fact that it helps lipid profile

I haven't had blood work done since dropping the Niacin and starting the Garlic.
cut off top of garlic, put a little olive oil on top, sprinkle a little seasoning, wrap in foil and bake for 45-50 minutes. Spread that garlic all over everything as it ooozes out. WARNING: Do not consume massive amounts of protien shakes tht day....Your wife will HATE you!
According to the article from LEF posted by 42Npumpin garlic itself prevents arterial occlusion by the same mechanism as HDL .

I found this in this months (12/02) LEF publication at

Is Conventional Medicine Finally Catching Up?

...A few pages later in this same issue of JAMA, a startling new finding showed that garlic prevents arterial occlusion by the same mechanism as HDL-cholesterol.2,3,4 Previous studies demonstrated that garlic protects against arteriosclerosis, but it was not clear how it does so 5-11

One way arterial occlusion occurs is when LDL-cholesterol binds with molecules secreted from the inner lining of the artery, forming tiny plaques that can accumulate and harden. HDL-cholesterol inhibits this process by absorbing excess plaque-forming molecules.12,13

According to the JAMA report, garlic extract works the same way as HDL cholesterol, but more potently. The researchers who conducted the study stated that, in concentrations relative to man, "garlic extract was 2.5 times more effective in inhibiting plaque formation than was HDL-cholesterol."

What the JAMA authors did not discuss was the positive impact that high-HDL confers on longevity. A common trait of people living to age 100 is high levels of HDL-cholesterol in their blood.14 It is not easy, however, to significantly elevate HDL levels. Even with the proper drugs and supplements, it is extremely difficult to raise HDL more than 27%. In some people, it is hard to get HDL levels to nudge upward at all. The fact that garlic extract was shown to be 2.5 times more effective in inhibiting arterial plaque formation than HDL represents a potential breakthrough in the prevention of the most common disease afflicting civilized man, i.e. plugged-up arteries.

The JAMA editors cautioned against supplementing with garlic because the potencies of active constituents vary so greatly between brands. Life Extension does not agree with this position based upon the fact that standardized aged-garlic extract under the Kyolic brand name is readily available to consumers. Previous studies confirm the protective effect of Kyolic garlic extract on the arterial wall.5,8

The best news is that the Kyolic company has finally come out with a high-potency caplet that enables most people to swallow just one a day to obtain 1000 mg of standardized aged garlic extract. For more than a decade, Life Extension had asked the makers of Kyolic for a high-potency supplement so that users would not have to swallow so many capsules. Based on the research reports we have reviewed, it would appear that one 1000 mg Kyolic caplet should be taken for every 1.1 pounds of food eaten a day...

For longer life,

William Faloon



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Yeah I heard garlic was a good thing for lipids??? WHat brands do you guys use, w/o having the bad breath and burping up a garlic pach??? I like garlic but it gives my mad gas!