Strongman Competition Cycle


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Dear all,

I have been reading around various forums for an while now and would like advise regarding a proposed cycle for a strongman competition.

Cycle history:
cycle 1: test cyp 600mgs/weekly 12 weeks
cycle 2: test cyp 500mgs/weekly + 50mgs injectable winny (ended up swallowing the 1ml each day because it would make walking impossible) + 50mcgs t3 + 80mcgs clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off
At this point I was up for a physical and got everything tested, test returned to high normal and everything was in proper ranges
cycle 3: test cyp 500mgs weekly 12 weeks + deca 250mgs weekly 9 weeks (idk why I only get about 9 weeks out of 10ml bottles, guess I overdose slightly) + 30mgs dbol for 33 days as I got 100 pack of 10mgs (thats why not 4 weeks exactly) + .5mg caber monday and thursday
cycle 4: test e 250mgs weekly 12 weeks + tren e 400mgs weekly 9 weeks + 50mcgs t3 daily + .5mg caber monday and thursday

I am very sensitive to AIs (use arimidex), didnt use one first cycle (stupid I know), used .5mg eod second cycle and couldnt get it up, used .25 mgs e3d third cycle, no AI fourth cycle.
PCT has always been standard clomid 100/100/50/50 and nolva 40/40/20/20
Currently weigh 210-215 after PCT and have a visible 4 pack with slight bottom two showing depending on how much I eat out lol. I would say approximately 12-15%. The point isn't to dispute this as most people seem to believe everyone lies (not on purpose, but because they do not know what true levels look like). The point is I believe it to be around 12-15% due to the 4 pack and slight 6 pack.
Will be getting everything checked when I am up for my physical again prior to the cycle, but have no reason to believe I have not fully recovered as I feel good and am able to get it up. My lifts lost a little bit, but began to start increasing again approximately 2-3 weeks ago.

Current PRs
Bench: 315x1
Overhead Press: 185x4
Squat: 315x4
Deadlift: 425x1
Prior to starting cycle will have these PRs
Bench: 315x1
Overhead: 225x1
Squat: 405x1
Deadlift: 495x1

I know most will say my bench and overhead make my squat and dl look pathetic, but I was focusing on bodybuilding for the past 4 years, havent really done any till 4-5 months.

Current meal plan (will probably be same for cycle)
Meal 1: 6 jumbo eggs and 2 packets of flavored oatmeal
Meal 2: 2.5 pieces of buffalo chicken tenders (home cooked, unbreaded) with 2-3oz of pasta or 1-1.5 cups white rice and a
handful of broccoli with conola oil
Meal 3: same as meal 2
Meal 4: half serving of mutant mass and 1 serving of optimum nutrition gold standard whey
Meal 5: same as either meal 1 or 2 depending on what I am in the mood for

Proposed cycle:
test cyp: 750mgs weekly 12 weeks prior to comp and 2 weeks post comp
deca: 250mgs weekly 9 weeks prior to comp
caber: .5mg twice a week
anadrol: 50mgs daily 5 weeks prior to comp till week prior
anadrol: 100mgs week of comp
tren a: 50mgs daily 4 weeks prior to comp
halo: 20mgs daily week of comp

My questions are:
1) Should I start deca earlier or will 9 weeks be enough to help for the comp?
2) Do you guys think I should add in the tren and halo or skip it? Last time I did tren e and was fine except weeks 4-7, thought I was dying, but then found out I had come down with both flu strain a and b. I know im so lucky.
3) Please read AI dosing which is after previous cycle list prior to pct and give a suggestion.
4) Any recommendations for switching compounds/dosing will be greatly appreciated.


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You would be better off using npp for 9 weeks instead of deca. Deca doesn't really start to shine till around week 8. Most use it for 14+ weeks. Did you ever get bloodwork during cycle to see if your ai is dialed in? A physical usually doesn't cover thorough bloodwork that is required. Grabbing your balls and coughing doesn't mean you fully recovered either...


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Have yet to get bloods on cycle. My physical includes blood test that check for the various estrogens and I believe 5 different liver enzymes were tested along with thyroid and test levels. All were within normal range and test was in the upper levels. That is how I know everything is okay. As far as npp I have yet to used and prefer not to need daily injections longer then a month. Also, do you believe the tren and halo are necessary at the end or should I skip over those two compounds?