summer cycle???


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would this be a good summer hardening cycle:

1-10 400mgs per week eq
1-10 350mgs per week test,prop

and maybe some Winstrol (winny) but im not sure where to fit it in or if i should use injectible or oral???
That would be great for illiciting a hard lean look, but it would be even better with an aromatose inhibitor thrown in as well. (this all providing that your diet is on)
Try running this:

weeks 1-3 50mg prop ed
weeks 1-10 500mg test enth
weeks 1-10 400mg eq
weeks 10-13 50 mg prop ed
weeks 1-6 75mg tren eod
weeks 1-14 .5 mg l dex ed
start clomid week 14
BUFFDAWG10 said:
I like wartime's suggestion! Test/EQ/Tren is a killer cycle!

Yeah I did that a couple of months ago...great fascularity and strength. I didn't like EQ too much but it was def making me eat like a horse.