Suspension for HRT/TRT


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Quick question:

Would it be a significant advantage to replace Test Cyp 100mg / week for Test Suspension 15-20mg EOD for the purpose of HRT/TRT?

I am thinking, for the purpose of recovery after stopping hrt/trt, that natural hormone levels would rebound faster due to the suspension's leaving the body much quicker. HPTA shut-down SHOULD not last as long.

Have any of you tryied this and if so how did it go?

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On and off small cycles for about 4 years... never more than 250mg of test /week.... I respond very well to test for some reason... went from 200 lbs in 2001 to 240lbs 2006.... even when i'm off, i hold 230 easily...

If you need testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), you have low levels to begin with. What would you be trying to do?

Also, its not the ester that shuts you down its the act of being on synthetic steroids. So even quick acting compound, it will not effect the ease of recovery
It would work, tets is test, but would you be happy shooting EOD for the rest of your life? What's the point? Suspension kicking in faster?
Yes, test is test but if suspension kicks in faster it will also leave the body faster... My point is recovery starts when there is no synthetic steroid in your system correct? If that is true, you should be able to recovery faster after quiting suspension vs cyp... maybe as much as a month or so faster. Taking suspension does not mean u r not shut down or shut down less. It means, at least to me, that recovery will not be delayed by long acting roids clearing out of your system.....
What is your definition of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)? Usually this is done for life, but you are talking as if you plan running it for a few weeks?
Not really correct...the only difference with esters in this instance in when you start PCT. In other words, if your running suspension, you run a 12 week cycle. The equivelent to that would be running a 10 week cycle of Cyp, in both instances you would start post cycle therapy (pct) in week 13.

Even though Cyp takes longer to leave your system, during the time you take your last shot and begining post cycle therapy (pct) you are still considered "on". Esters have more to do with maximizing the benefits of your cycle than shutting you down imo.