switching tests mid cycle


can i swith from enthanate to cypionate. like this
4 wks enthanate and last 6 cyp will there
be any difference if i run enthante all the way through
Yes you can switch I dropped Sustanon (sust) mid cycle for enanthate and I was fine good gains. Test is test, train hard eat right stay away from the bad shit:)
yeah bro you wont havea problem doing that. peole do it all the time with sust/prop. and so on.
No worries about that, you could do what i have been doing and just mixing them the whole way through, but it doesn't matter. I only did it cause I had a couple half empty bottles.
I think this question was asked somewhere before? But yes, you can switch. Enan & Cyp are very similar in esters so you will probably won't even be able to tell a difference.