t-3 clen dossages


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i need some help guys, Im 5'7 217 at 18% body fat and just got the L.R clen and t-3. I need to get to 10% body fat.. how much of each should i take??thanks
I would suggest starting at 12.5mcg of the t-3 and 60mcg of the clen.
Then work up to 25-50mcg of t-3 (don't go to high or you'll loose muscle to and bf% won't be changing) I'd suggest stopping around 25mcg of t-3. And push the clen up 120mcg or stop before that if you can't handle the sides.

Remember take in abou 40% of your cals from protein, take taurine at 1 gram a day, yohimbe at 10-15 g a day and if you can get ketofin use it, if not cycle the clen of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and use an ECA then.