TB500 Log - Will it heal?


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Hey boys, new to the forums here but thought I'd register and share my TB500 experience with you!

Quick background: I've been dealing with pain in both my knees and shoulders on and off for the past 3 years.
For the past year, it seems like my knees have healed up on their own, (fixed bad habits, extended warmups and got some knee sleeves which are magicccc), as I don't feel any pain anymore, except for partial irritation once every 2-3 months during a leg workout.
As for my shoulders, that's where the biggest issue is. The pain comes and goes. 2 out of 3 chest or shoulder workouts have been riddled with pain and haven't allowed me to get a proper workout in. About 2 and a half weeks ago, i felt a huuuge sharp pain in my left shoulder during a high volume chest workout while flat benching and had to call it a day. Worst pain I've felt shoulder wise. The pain remained the same and wouldn't really dissipate. I'd feel spasms from time to time when I was sitting or not really moving my shoulder. Other than that I couldn't move it without pain. Sleeping was a huge hassle, couldn't find a painless ********** Needless to say i had to stop my upper body workouts. As for my right shoulder, the pain has been there for months, but I've gotten used to it and can handle it, it's not as severe.

My friend told me about TB500 and I researched it. Decided to give it a go as I only saw benefits from it. Started it 3 days after my left shoulder injury.


So I started TB500 2 weeks ago, 2 injections a week, late at night 3-5 hours before bed (for no real reason). Did 4 injections so far, latest one was yesterday. Doing 2.5mg on mondays SubQ, and 5mg on thursdays IM, alternating between lateral delts and outter quads. Also working out legs 3-4x a week since I can't do upper body.

1st injection; Monday October 5th:
2.5mg SubQ, to the right of belly button. Injection went smooth, but about 20 seconds later, it started hurting and itching alot around 2 inches under injection point. 10 minutes went by, got worse, and then it started clearing up. Took around 2 hours to go away. I'm guessing that was an allergic reaction. I also went hypo and had a couple cookies afterwards. Obviously nothing to report shoulder pain wise, it was the same. No change between this point and next injection. Took 2 days off gym.

2nd injection; Thursday October 8th:
5mg IM, left lateral delt, pre-workout. Injection went smooth once again, and nothing to report afterwards besides going hypo again, had some protein cookies from the dispenser machine. Went in the gym, got a leg workout, no knee pain, just shoulders pain from moving them around and picking up weights. Workout complete, I'm happy, went home, ate and slept.

Woke up the next day, and not sure if it's placebo or not, but the shoulder pain felt 5% diminished. (Rest day.)

Day after, no change, but still felt the slightly diminished pain. (Leg workout that day.)

Next day, sunday, the pain actually felt less once more, roughly 10% less from what it was initially. (Rest day.)

3rd injection; Monday October 12th:
2.5mg SubQ, to the left of belly button, pre-workout. Injection went smooth and I didn't get an allergic reaction like the first time. I felt a bit of itchiness around 1-2 inches under injection point but that went away after 20-25 minutes. Also felt hypo but it also wasn't as harsh as prior injections. Leg workout once again, and not much to report, less shoulder pain than usual.

Woke up the next morning, and actually both shoulders felt a bit better this time, i'd say 20% less pain than initially. (Rest day.)

The day after, no change. I decided to go for an arm workout since i was feeling slightly better. Started off well with biceps, felt some pain as I was going heavier, so dropped the weight and went for more volume, chasing the pump. Got done with biceps, moved on to triceps and had to cut it short. Felt quite a bit of pain after warming up with some cable extensions. Did calves and cardio instead.

4th injection; Thursday October 15th:
Woke up, and to my surprise, the pain did not get worse after yesterday's gym session. Anyways, I was supposed to inject 5mg today, but i got mixed up and brought monday's vial, (which only had 2.5mg left in it), to the gym instead of a fresh one. Didn't feel like going back home, it's a fair distance away, so I just used it.
2.5mg IM, right lateral delt. Injection went like butter, no complaints at all. Felt hypo once again, but didn't have anything to eat after the injection this time, decided to see how it would feel. Was hungry for a good hour and then it dissipated, or maybe I just got accustomed to it, not sure which tbh haha.

I'll keep updating every injection day and share my progress! So far, I know it's still too early to say anything, but I honestly feel like it's already working only 2 weeks in. Latest injury is healing at a good speed and I've literally had the same right shoulder pain for the last couple months, and it just magically now started diminishing. I'm tempted to put that on the TB500, but we'll see. One thing I'm surprised of, is in this cold weather here in Canada around this time every year, my knees start aching and with the frequency I'm training legs at now, I expect some irritation. But I don't feel either so far, so I'm happy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and if you wanna share experiences or comment, please do!
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hey... im just starting a short rum of tb500 as ive torn a muscle in my shoulder also. just finished my first 2 shots this week, just running on 2mg twice weekly. early stages yet tho so will have to wait and see if it helps in any way.

good to hear ur having a positive experience with it tho.