test and T3 help...


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ok guys im finished with my 600mg per week of cyp for 12 weeks. and i loved it! i am currently up 20lbs and i am starting my post cycle threapy of HcG and in two weeks my nolva. but i have a question.

i want to run more cyp for my spring cycle but i HAVE to drop some BF i am probably around 15 or 16 percent now. and that sucks! i have access to some T3 so i was wondering what you guys suggest.

i have never used anything stronger than ECA for fat lose so im new to this. i have read a ton on the T3 by searching your old posts. seems like a good item to use for fat lose so what ya think???

oh yea im going to run liquidex next time with the cyp cause that shit bloats you!! what about 1/2 bottle ED ??? does that fuck with the T3??
thanks again!!
T-3 is a good drug, if used properly. There is an exelent FAQ written by BigAndy69 over at Elitefitness. If you haven't read it already, then I highly suggest you do.

As far as the liquidex goes, I think .5mg eod should work fine to controll the bloat. To the best of my knowledge, taking it with T3 should not be a problem
thanks for the input! yea, i have already read bigandy and it was a good read!

if any of you other guys have any thoughts on this please voice them!!
I am running it at 25 mcg ed with prop and fina and seems to keep fat to a min. I am dieting and busting my ass with cardio and seems to be very effective!