Test Prop/Winstrol/Anavar/HGH Cycle Pro Athlete


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Hey guys.

13% bf
24yrs old

Professional baseball player here. Recently lost my job because I wasn’t “athletic/explosive” enough. We can get randomly tested for 1 year but if you are not with a team there is a 1-2% chance…a risk I am willing to take.

I was told by all ex-teammates and trainers that winstrol is hands down the best for athletic performance although it dries out your joints. From my research it would seem that winstrol would not be advisable because of the joint pain and is used for cutting, not strength.

I know you are all going to say drop the Winstrol (winny) but literally every single pitcher I have talked to has told me that Winstrol (winny) is hands down the best for throwing harder so it will stay.

I am also planning on a low dose of Anavar to pronounce the effects, and should be ok since it isn’t very hepatoxic. What do you guys think about throwing in Anavar as well? I am undecided about this.

Going to run test prop at a low dose so that I don’t get shut down.

Will also run HGH for the next 6 months for health and anti-inflammatory benefits.

HCG at the end of the cycle to help with testicular function and resetting test levels.

Toremefine and Triptorelin PCT.

Goal of cycle is to increase fast twitch muscle strength, lose 3-4% bodyfat, and gain 7-8 pounds of dense muscle while maintaining flexibility. I have no desire to get bigger or have a beach body. This is business.

Anyways after weeks of research I have decided on this stack. Using test prop over E or C so that it will clear my system faster in case I get signed.

Weeks 1-10
Test prop EOD 100mg

Weeks 3-10
Anavar 50mg/day

Weeks 5-10
Winstrol 50mg/day

Weeks 7-10
HCG 250iu every 3 days

Weeks 11-14
Toremefine 120/60/60/30
Forma Stanazol 10 pumps

Weeks 1-14
Fish Oil
Cycle Assist

6 months

HGH 5iu 5on/2off


I have a personal trainer that I go to 5 days/week and diet is in place. Sometimes I have trouble with diet because I travel a lot, but on this cycle I am going to do everything I can to eat as clean as possible. Obviously no alcohol.

Thanks this is an important cycle for me. I don’t plan on doing another one for 10-12 years so this has to be executed perfectly.

I have done my research and this is the best I can come up with, any critique or commentary would be greatly appreciated.


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I know that you shouldn't be running 2 orals together and that you should drop the Winstrol (winny) unless you want to risk messing up your shoulder throwing/pitching...


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But my recommendations is to go 12 weeks test
Last 6 weeks throw in the Anavar...
And wld switch the post cycle therapy (pct) to a Clomid/Nolva post cycle therapy (pct)...


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Your wrong about the Winstrol (winny) i played baseball in college and both of the torn rotator cuffs i`ve had were a result of Winstrol (winny). Anavar on the other hand is an excellent choice as it actually helps increase collagen synthesis as well as strength while getting lean

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This is a interesting oral to think about... but look into halostein I know lots of MMA fighters take it and it increases strength more so than almost any other steroid or maybe even more than any other steroid. And it will not raise body weight more than 2 to 5 pounds from what I have heard. Lol blood doping is interesting to. I don't know all the methods of it but shit if your going all out go all out.

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Also test suspension will clear your body the quickest. And im pretty sure oral steroid metabolites are still able to be found in urine for a long time. Maybe I am wrong. I know it clears the blood fast but metabolites might not clear up as fast. If I where you I would find a guru to ask these questions to. Or even get a professional trainer who trains bodybuilders and talk to them about this stuff and pay them for advice. There are insanely smart steroid gurus out there you can find and ask to.

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Tbol is the best product for increasing performance vectors, it's designed to do exactly what your after. Add test P at a maintenance level and you should find yourself in a much better place 'athleticly'.


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Tbol is the best product for increasing performance vectors, it's designed to do exactly what your after. Add test P at a maintenance level and you should find yourself in a much better place 'athleticly'.

tbol will stay in my system for too long.

I think I will settle for test/anavar/gh. gonna throw in some arimidex also and potentially add halo the last 3 weeks of cycle.


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If your an "athlete" and still train and condition for the sport test and halo or Anavar (var) would be a good choice. Halo will give you some good energy as the Anavar (var) pumps might get in the way and if on for a while some people experience some lethargy but I have always felt good on Anavar (var) except the shin splints