Testo E 300mg/ml crashed where is the error ..?


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I have the following problem, I want to cook with Testo E 300mg/ml
a problem because the solution crystallized.

I cook following

Testosterone Enanthate 300mg/ml 50ml @
EO = 11.1 40%
Sesame oil = 16,65 60%
Powder = 15g
BA 2% = 1ml
BB 20% = 10ml

where is the error ..?

sorry for my bad englich i am from germany
never saw this kind of filter before... your recipe is fine and all that; I personally never used sesame oil but I dont think it is the issue with the crashing... you even used EO there's no real reason for it to crash.. Bad powder source? Wrong filters?
The no pain and just a lump for the test p is kind of strange.... Maybe you have an allergy to the EO?

To be honest, im not sure why your test e is crashing. You are heating it so there are no hormone swirls and it is clear correct?? And then filtering after its cooled a little? It should not be crashing. Ive never had a problem like this with test e. I have also never used that type of filter. Ive been having pretty good luck with the Millipore.
I believe that with the bump is due to because filtered, I have filtered with a 0.2***956;m filter Syringe 20ml yesterday, today I have no bump.
I think ds problem lies at filtering because what filter you use for large quantities ..?