The Greatest Ultimate Power in The Universes: Tank Abbott

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old timey gentleman
Some of you might have guessed who i really am by now...

ill give you a hint: it rhymes with " Maaank Maaaabbott"

but is spelled Tank Abbot*

* editors note : this is all complete bullshit, thank you - Ed

some of the details and personal stuff in "Maaank Maaaabbotts" life/career often overlooked or left unreported in the paparazzi's unrelenting coverage and dogged pursuit of details and intimate moments

Tank Abbott " Maaank Maaabbott"

Date of birth: unknown

Place of birth: East Germany

Nationality: Redneck

Died January of 1880 - later resurrected

Known for Exceptional grappling ability, agility, stamina, cardiovascular conditioning, and undefeated win streak. Also able to distinguish between simple shapes and certain colors.

Occupation Undefeated MMA fighter, Permanent UFC heavyweight champion

Religion Buddhist

Children 17 children, all from different women

Tank Abbott (born William Bartholomew Adrian Athelstan IV) is the uncredited pioneer of the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is considered to be the greatest MMA fighter to have ever graced this earth. He is an undefeated MMA fighter who has beaten countless legendary warriors such as Masahiko Kimura, Frank Mir, Andrei Arlovski, "Broke" Lesnar, Royce Gracie, Mike Tyson, Butterbean, and Scott "Lionheart" Blevins. Abbott has also mastered numerous martial arts such as Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Nude Wrestling, Tae Bo, Bow-Tie, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Box Kicking, Egyptian Stick Fencing, Lucha Libre, Kendo, Sumo, Greco-Roman Humping, Fa Kyu, Cockfighting, Wrestlefucking, and the Ancient Art of Making Mean Faces.
Early Yearsedit

Certain people believe that Tank has been around since the beginning of time itself, and like the god of Christianity, needs no creator. Although several prehistoric cave drawings closely resembling what looks to be Tank Abbott holding wild animals in a headlock exist, the first verifiable historical account of Tank dates back to ancient Babylon, where he defeated Hammurabi in a game of grab-ass. This pissed him off so badly that he ordered Tank to be castrated immediately. Shortly after, Babylon disappeared off the face of the Earth entirely, and lay undiscovered for centuries. Historians now believe that Tank was directly responsible for this in an act of anger. After this account, Tank is mentioned in several historical references, usually during times of war, as "that fat guy with the beard who loves to beat people up. "
Invention of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuedit

One day while walking through Azeroth and minding his own business, Abbott was jumped by a gang of rabid Juggalos, who proceeded to try to rape him. After knocking all but one of them out with a single back-snapping eel strike, he jumped on the last one and put him in a rear naked non-consensual sex choke, swiftly ending his life. Seeing how well this worked, Tank moved to the slums of Rio De Janeiro to practice his ground grappling skills on local poor people. Soon he became a master at this art, and sold the ownership to the Gracie family for 5 pesos.
Abbott threw a dart on a map, and it landed on Huntington Beach, CA. He moved there and started beating people senseless in late night bar brawls and street altercations.

Entry into the UFCedit

Abbott was discovered after he knocked 900 lb. John Matua's head clean off his body during his first official MMA fight, landing it in Dana White's lap. Dana was so impressed by this performance that he got an instant erection and immediately gave Abbott a permanent contract to the UFC, with a 9 figure salary. His first fight in the UFC was against Royce Gracie. Abbott quickly overpowered Gracie and pinched his prostate, causing him to tap out immediately.
Subsequent Fightsedit

Next, he would be facing Minotauro Nogueira. Victory came swiftly as Abbott jumped on Nogueira and tied his windpipe in a knot. In his next fight, which was against Fedor Emelianenko, Abbott started the night by pulling Fedor's nutsac to his ankle and flinging him in the face with it during the stare-down. Although this infuriated Fedor, and caused him to attack Abbott with a flurry of devastating punches and kicks to the chin, Abbott managed to stop him with a sneaky uppercut to the adam's apple.

His most legendary bout was against Frank Mir. Mir came out strong, and took Abbott to the ground. Things were looking hopeful as Mir tried setting up for submission after submission. What Mir did not know was that Abbott feels no pain, and thus cannot be submitted. After tiring himself out for three 5-minute rounds, Mir collapsed from exhaustion. Tank took this opportunity to stomp Mir's testicles repeatedly, ruthlessly, and without mercy. The match was called off, and Abbott was declared the winner.

In January of 2010, Tank fought Kimbo Slice. The two men spent the first round kissing each others fists back and forth. Finally, Kimbo was overwhelmed by Tank's body odor and collapsed, going into convulsions and foaming at the mouth. Tank Abbott thought he would gain recognition for the critical response, but he got laughed at and got grounded by his grand dad.

On August 11, 2010, Abbott fought a rematch against master TKO hump-artist Cock Lesnar. After repeated take-down attempts by Lesnar, Abbott got bored and decided to have a cocktail in the middle of the match, something never before seen in the history of MMA. As Lesnar lay on the ground wheezing and panting like an exhausted mule, Abbott finished his cocktail and bombarded Lesnar with a blitzkrieg of uppercuts, illegal knees, and bad breath. Lesnar applied his always-successful counter-attack (cowering and covering up), but it was of no use against the much more graceful and technical striker. The end of the match came after Tank Abbott got Lesnar in a face-down north-south ass-to-face position, and spanked his asscheeks with god-like thunderous fury. Lesnar, pinned down by Abbott's gargantuan beer-gut and his asscheeks throbbing and as red as a baboon's, had no choice but to cry. The match was stopped and Tank was declared the winner, also having been awarded the $2.53 Submission of the Night Award.

On March 15, 2011, Tank fought professional boxer and pizza eating champion James "Taps Out" Toney. This started off as a rivalry that happened over 9000 hours, 300 minutes, and 10,000 seconds ago after Toney mocked Tank's flawless masculine beard and continued with "dkdkdkadjmsj xmskxmnsjsnjkmdk smdksjmddsskdmskdmjssjssjmjjnwuemdnjjenjs kmwkjeiiwoisiiajwosm Tank's bitch ass!" After a hard training session at Pizza Hut and KFC, which consisted of eating drumsticks, refilling soda, and licking other people's fingers, Toney was ready for Tank, but unfortunately lost by submission via Figure four leglock a few seconds into the first round.

Abbott won his most recent bout against Georges St. Pierre via eye-lick. Abbott was actually set to face St. Pierre in a nude wrestling oil match for the 10th annual French Canadian Homoerotic Humping Tournament at a dingy Quebec City bar in late July, but Abbott launched a pre-emptive strike by giving St. Pierre a flesh-eating eye infection by trying to remove the overgrown toe nail of Jake Shields (which became lodged in his eyeball) with his tongue immediately after the fight. St. Pierre died in a hospital shortly after of unnatural causes.

On October 30th of 2011, Abbott had a much anticipated legendary rematch with Scott "The car salesman" Ferrozzo after 15 years. The two men had a long standing feud, which began at UFC 11, when the unthinkable happened: Ferrozzo was declared winner by split decision over Abbott. The decision was soon reversed after it was found out that Ferrozzo threatened to eat the judges if they didn't declare him the winner. During the next 15 years, Abbott and Ferrozzo squared off against one another frequently at eating contests held at truck stop restaurants and small town dive bars. However, every single event ended in a tie, since both men have a bottomless pit for a stomach. There was only one way to settle this: to put on gloves and have a deathmatch. Since attendance was expected to be so high that no venue could accommodate it, the event was held at a pigroast in Tank Abbott's back yard. The two men squared off in a "Loser Gets Naked" match. Ferrozzo threw a few haymakers, which Tank countered with a strong right hook, dropping Ferrozzo to his knees. It was over from here. Tank mounted Ferrozzo in a reverse pig-hump mount, and proceeded to pound Ferrozzo's head. This didn't faze Ferrozzo one bit, who even attempted to eat Tank's hand at one point during the match. Finally, after 20 minutes of humping, the heat from the friction from all the fat rubbing was becoming too intense, and the fight was called off by the local fire department. Tank was declared winner by decision, and Ferrozzo was forced to get naked, but fortunately the camera battery died before this happened. The two men shook dicks and became friends, and have frequently been seen at all you can eat buffets together since then.
Cardio and Conditioningedit

The most important and unchanging aspect of Tank's conditioning is the art of Alcoholism. Tank sleeps with an IV that pumps a steady stream of moonshine into his rectum for maximal absorption. The first thing Tank does every single morning is a power-lifting routine consisting of getting his fat ass out of bed. After breakfast, Tank slowly makes his way down to The Gym (the name of the local bar down the street), where he typically spends his entire day doing beer-bottle curls, keg-stands, crate lifts, and urinating frequently. His cardio mainly consists of playing darts, beer-pong, arm-wrestling, explosive diarrhea, and fighting innocent drunk old men. Tank also stays in shape and keeps his skills sharp by throwing a power-punch at the eye-socket of every third person he passes by while walking down the street.

14-time Mr. Olympia winner Tank Abbott maintains his flawless, chiseled physique by following a strict, balanced diet specifically engineered for athletic performance. For breakfast, Abbott cracks ten eggs into a blender and adds a liter of vodka. He chugs it down while watching re-runs of blues clues and chatting on the phone with his mother in law. 99% of Tank's nutrition comes from fermented beverages, the other 1% consists of whatever he happens to get his hands on when hungry. This includes, but is not limited to: snickers bars, cream-filled donuts, bacon fat, happy meals, bicycles, fire hydrants, minority children, a side of your grandmother's ass on toast, skittles, ho-hos, and Chinese food. Abbott likes to limit his calorie intake to Over 9000 calories a day. After a hard day of training (drinking cocktails at the bar), Abbott likes to finish off the night with a Strawberry Basiltini.
MMA Recordedit

Win Dan Severn Submission (Finger in anus) Brawl at the Mall 16 2012-5-22 1 0:44

Within hours of the conclusion of the event, Abbott was arrested by mall police for allegedly committing the crime of defecation in public. As of now, a grand jury has yet to officially charge Abbott.

Win Scott Ferrozzo Submission (Suffocation) Abbott vs. Ferrozzo: The Pigroast 2011-10-30 1 20:00

Win Mariusz Pudzianowski KO (Exhausting Wrestlefuck) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2011-08-19 2 0:02

Win Georges St-Pierre KO (Eye Lick) UFC 300: Decision 2011-07-20 1 2:30

Wins UFC Welterweight belt and sells it after finding out that it does not fit around his waistline.

Win James Toney Submission (Figure four leglock) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2011-03-15 1 0:42 This is Toney's MMA debut

Win Brock Lesnar Submission(Spanking) Abbot vs. Lesnar 2 2010-08-11 5 4:59

Win Kimbo Slice Submission (Frontflip Flying Scissor Kick Thunderstrike) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2010-01-23 2 1:51

Win Wanderlei Silva KO (Suplex followed by rape) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2009-08-30 1 2:55

Win Randy Coture Submission (Mandible claw) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2009-02-17 1 3:22

Win Mark Kerr Submission (Camel clutch) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2009-01-11 1 0:10

Win Scott "Lionheart" Blevins KO (Headbutt to the ovaries) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2008-04-11 1 1:55

Win His Wife TKO (Five-Star) Thanksgiving Dinner 2008-6-30 1 0:01
Retained Spousal Abuse Championship title

Win Chuck Norris KO (Mean Stare) YAMMA Pit Fighting 2008-09-21 1 0:00
Norris had a heart attack during stare-down

Win Butterbean Submission (Boston Crab) BodogFIGHT: USA vs. Russia 2007-11-30 2 0:33

Win Joe Jonas Submission (Tank-bag) Abbot vs. A Jonas 2007-4-28 1 0:45

Win Masahiko Kimura Submission (Penile kimura) National Freesparring 1998-02-21 N/A

Win Mick Tierney Submission (Crucifix) National Freesparring 1998-02-21 N/A

Win Gary Goodridge KO (Elbow to the upper lip) PRIDE 1 1997-10-11 1 4:57

Win Sean Alvarez KO (Nutsac used as Speed Bag) Pentagon Combat 1997-09-27 1 0:52

Win Chuck Kim Submission (Wet willy) World Fighting Federation 1997-02-14 1 0:23

Win Manny Pacquiao KO (F5) N/A 1996-12-25 1 2:39

Win Andrei "The Puppy" Arlovski Submission (Nipple twists) World Vale Tudo Championship 1 1996-08-14 1 4:42

Win Marco Ruas Submission (Forced oral copulation) Ultimate Ultimate 1995 1995-12-16 1 18:00

Win Dave Beneteau Submission (Indian Sunburn) Ultimate Ultimate 1995 1995-12-16 1 1:15

Win Mike Tyson Submission (Torture Rack) UFC 6: Clash of the Titans 1995-07-14 1 17:45 Won UFC 6 Tournament

Win Brock Lesnar Submission (Guillotine choke) UFC 6: Clash of the Titans 1995-07-14 1 0:09

Win Frank Mir Submission (Incessant stomps to groin) UFC 6: Clash of the Titans 1995-07-14 1 0:57

Win Fedor Emelianenko KO (Uppercut to Adam's apple) UFC 5: The Return of the Beast 1995-04-07 1 2:23

Won WAMMA, UFC, and Pride FC Heavyweight belts. Becomes Eternal Champion.

Win Minotauro Nogueira Submission (Windpipe tied in knot) UFC 3 1993-10-23 1 1:11

Win Royce Gracie Submission (Prostate Pinch) UFC 2 1993-10-22 1 4:25

Win John Matua KO (Decapitation) UFC 1 1993-10-20 1 0:24

Win Kurt Angle Submission (Wedgie) Pre-UFC 1986-9-13 1 1:00
Returns after 18-year hiatus

Win Bruce Lee KO (Belly Flop) Abbot vs. Lee 1968-08-11 5 4:59


* disclaimer: all informations posted here wether real, imaginary, or bearing a vague resemblance to actual events in an actual persons actual life; are all complete fabrications which are ill conceived and poorly thought out before being hastily copied and pasted with zero credit being given to the original writer/ composer; who is NOT Tank Abbott. if you ever read this Tank, i just want to apologize for Maurice Smiths behavior and assure you that having 12 uncles who walk talk and act just like you in no way influenced my general dislike for your public persona, in and out of the ring. I'm sure in your private life you are truly a scholar warrior who simply drifts along doing what good he can while submitting to the ebbs and tides of the will of the universe as all great sages and warrior poets have done throughout history..
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