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Muscle Research Weekly Thursday Sale!!!

We have another great sale for you this week...some definite savings on some staple products!!!

The TNT PM formula is BOGO FREE this week!!! TNT PM Formula starts working where most other fat burners stop. No worries about jitters or shakes because it is 100% stimulant free! TNT PM formula blocks fats and carbs from being stored, stops night time cravings in its tracks and helps eliminate excess calories. You even burn fat while sleeping!

The highlight I feel of this weeks sale is Test Infusion for $29.99...$30 OFF!!! The formula for Test Infusion is one of the most intense natural test boosters you will find on the market today. We carefully selected only ingredients that have been studied and proven to naturally boost your test levels to peak performance levels.

Check out this review on Test Infusion...

Restore youthful vigor and vitality with the Male Rejuvenation Stack! We created this stack with high-quality, proven products that will help restore a man’s health and energy levels. As we age, our bodies and our vital organs break down. It is time to start protecting your vital organs and repairing the breakdown. Feel young again with the Male Rejuvenation Stack! We have this on sale this week for $69.99, a great deal on 5 staple products for us males!!!

Muscle Research’s Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) bundle is on sale this week and as you all know is a very high quality Whey Isolate that is extremely pure, amazingly delicious and guaranteed free of amino spiking (aka – protein spiking, or nitrogen spiking). With our newest flavors Cinnamon Bun and Strawberry, lots of great flavors to choose from!!!

GenXLabs TestABOL is also on sale this week. Two percent or less of the Testosterone in the body is unbound (free) and available to build muscle or increase sex drive. The reason most products marketed to increase muscle mass destroy sex drive is the same reason that their results are limited. They increase bound testosterone, this is where TestABOL works its magic!!!

Also don't forget that you can get a FREE bag of Yo-Whey by simply purchasing one of these following products...

with purchase of Xtreme Joint Support (at regular price)
-with purchase of Test Infusion (at regular price)
-with purchase of Katanadrol (at regular price)
-with purchase of Anovar-X Extreme (at regular price)

OR with cart your total over $100

Lots of ways to get great deals from Muscle Research!!! Don't miss out this week!!!

And don't forget...ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!!!

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As for the Test Infusion for $29.99, this is a deal that will not only save you some decent cash, but will put your mind on...


...remember its all about the health benefits :).

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